F1- 2018 Season.

So, another double for Mercedes then. Pretty impressive stuff. And I read today that Lewis has won half of the races since joining them, which is quite an astonishing statistic in its own right.

The red cars and particularly Seb (when compared with Kimi) have really gone off the boil in H2 of the season. Again.

As to Max, well where do you begin? He’s either going to be World Champion or end up stuffing himself into a wall somewhere. Perhaps both. Just let him through and you’d have still won the race Max. Sooner or later someone is really going to lay one on him.

Given that Honda power is making progress then perhaps Red Bull are going to find themselves back at the top next year?

Quite a good set of mid table scraps throughout the year. Shame that the formerly mighty Williams and Jaffas are dragging their arses at the back of the pack.

Nice summary Jamie.     

Lewis has been mighty impressive in both his racing & do I detect a personallity change,  more mellow & tactical.

Sebastian sees to be struggling with both car & team issues & what to do about it, & he's making too many mistakes.   I suspect Ferrari might be ready for some more internal team moves as its not gone well this year & 2nd is a failure in Ferrari.   

The dichotomy is Max, brilliant driver, but seems to be his own worst enemy; did he really need to race Ocon on Sunday,  was that another veil of red mist in the race, it certainly looked like it in the weighing room.  He needs to have a long hard think about applying tactics in his racing,  maybe mentor with someone with a brain like Alain Prost.    

The Red Bull engine change will be interesting:  Will Honda really do it considering they have the Renault singing this season (when its reliable).   What does Daniel know to make him move to Renault.  A side observation not seen by the public in general is Renault Sport F1 are making big noises about 2019 season (they are local to me) 

Anyway Interlargo was the end of the season for me,  I'm out in the bush in southern latitudes for a few weeks. No point in recording the race,  its all over.

F3 driver Sophia Florsch has had a huge accident in Macau leaving her with a fractured spine.

Frankly, watching it I couldn’t quite believe she wasn’t in a far, far worse state. Absolutely terrifying at normal speed playback.

Marshalls and photographers injured too unfortunately.

I am very fortunate in my line of work to get on some cool "jollies" and spent today at the McLaren tech centre. It really is something else. Bruno Senna was there and gave a talk and a bit of insight into the new McLaren Senna as he is a McLaren ambassador. Also got a tour hosted by Amanda (Bruce's daughter) and clearly loves what she does. EVERYBODY there that I spoke to were enthusiasts and would prob do it for a fraction of what they get paid still. 

VERY different from Ferrari. I met Sergio M (RIP) and others a couple of years ago and it was all about the money and felt as if the "brand" was secondary. 

Looks like McLaren are going from strength to strength with their road cars and hopefully follow into the racing program and from Zak Brown was saying today he is very very focused on turning that around. (please don't think I am name dropping, just impressed these people were willing to talk to a jub like me)

It was awesome seeing such an iconic brand thriving in the UK and going from strength to strength. They get my support every time now ! Seeing the Senna production line was cool, shame they are all sold, not that I could afford one anyway !

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