Fair price for a pre-loved or ex-demo NAC552DR?

Adam Zielinski posted:

Well done Marcus! Congratulations and do let us know how you get on with your 552.

Hi guys!

I promised a report after the NAC552 arrived so here it is:

The NAC552 arrived 2 weeks ago. Since I was on a business trip it had to wait 1 week before I was home to connect it in my system. Since it was quite cold temperatures outside during the transportation I think it was good that the preamp had to stay inside for a whole week before connected in my system. In that way it reached room temperature and all condensation had time to dry before powered up.

So last weekend I did a complete tear down and rebuild of my system and changed my NAC252 for the "new" NAC552. I listened to a few songs that I’m familiar with before the rebuilt and listened to the same songs with the NAC552 in place. The whole rebuilt took 5-6h but I think that I got most things right (cable dressing, plug- and unplug cables to clean contact surfaces, tighten screws in the Fraim and so on…).

So the comparison was 5-6h apart and I compared a fully settled and warmed up NAC252 to a newly installed NAC552 which haven’t been used for one month and had travelled quite a distance and in cold climate. So, was there any difference between the two preamps in my system?

Yes, there was! The NAC552 was clearly better form the first note. Much more presence and realism in the music. Better “decay” from piano and guitar notes. My system is now giving deeper/more base and have better control.

After all the lyrical comments about NAC552 on this forum, my expectations were extremely high. To be honest I did not really know what to expect. Maybe my expectations was so high that I had expected even more, I don’t know…

Anyway, all in all, I’m quite happy with the upgrade. It’s without a doubt quite a big difference between the NAC552 and NAC252. Hopefully the NAC552 will get a little better still during the next weeks…

I also still have the NAC252 at home so I could put it back in the system to check again if the difference is big enough for the price difference...


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