Favourite TV Theme Tunes

What are your favourite TV theme tunes ?

Movie soundtracks and scores often get a mention on this forum.  I don't recall much mention of the humble TV Theme tune though.

Admittedly there is a fine line between annoying but clever ditties, nostalgic fondness, real musical merit and utter nonsense.

I have a few albums of this genre, but nothing gets as much played as those Ron Grainer complilations. Ron was pretty much responsible for every quality theme for uk series from the 60s to 80s.    The late 70s complilations even included "disco" versions of well known themes.

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‘White Horses’. Every time!

Absolutely. Followed by the "Robinson Crusoe" theme.


My own two favourites as well, and possibly followed by the scary "Singing Ringing Tree", and of course the original version of the Dr Who theme tune.


Favourite at least on brief rack of brains, probably Dr Who, though it has changed a bit over the years. BBC Radiophonic Workshop masterpiece.

Most unforgettable: Z-cars - for some reason the tune pops up and I whistle it from time to time: maybe because I remember as a kid playing violin, and having heard somewhere the suggestion that the theme of Sofly Softly was Z-cars backwards, so I picked out z-cars on the violin, and taught it to myself backwards - and disproved the suggstion. And to this day as well as sometimes whistling Z-cars forwards, I whistle it backwards.

However, one irritating thing is use of exerpts of classical music either for TV programmes or, worse, adverts, causing images of said programmes/adverts to crop up when listening to the composition.

Something completely different to just about all those listed - the most recent programme because I just love the dexterity in the rythmn, Mum, the theme, The Cup Song, or When I'm Gone.

Because of the sentiment in the words, Sue Thomas -FB Eye, Who I Am by Jessica Andrews.

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