Firmware Update 2.3.1: HDMI and S/PDIF Occasional Dropout Fix

We are pleased to announce that we will shortly be releasing firmware update 2.3.1 for our range of Uniti all-in-one players (Uniti Nova, Uniti Star and Uniti Atom). This firmware update takes the current production code (2.3) and updates the DSP code to fix a known HDMI and S/PDIF audio dropout issue.

Once the update is live, the Naim app will notify users that an update is available to download.

Release notes

Fixed: When using the HDMI or S/PDIF input (when connected to a TV), some customers would experience audio dropouts on one or both channels after extended periods of listening due to clock drift on the TV.

If you have any questions regarding the update please contact your Naim retailer.

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