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Im looking for a little advice if its possible, I have a pair of Naim Allae floor standers which I have had great pleasure out of over several years however I have just upgraded my hifi to a descent spec and feel its time to unplug my Allaes and look for a long term upgrade. I do have a few speakers which I have read some great reviews on them all but due to my geographical location it would be difficult without traveling a considerable distance to book a demo and  listen to them at the relevant dealers. My choice so far, Proac Response D48, Focal Kanta #2 and Kef Reference 3 I had also the Spender D9 on my list but just learned they they are not up to the mark. Of course I do have the room to locate any of the mentioned speakers but the decision is tough, and I guess the only way to make one is to listen to them. My music library ranges from classical to Rock. Can anyone shed some light on experience on any of my choices?

I have Sondek LP12 Kore, cirkus, Tramp 2, Ekos 2, Lingo 4 and Krystal

Naim 252 SCDR,  250DR, Superline, CD5X and flatcap

Any comments will be welcomed and taken onboard, thank you

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Hi Chris

Thanks for your swift reply, I play vinyl a heck of a lot but tend to play a cd now and again. The Allaes are a great speaker but I'm sure for the budget I have I can improve a great deal. Theres no doubt they are great sounding, great bottom end up against the solid walls I have and very clear and accurate also. Im leaning toward the Focal Kanta purely because they are in bed with Naim though I shouldn't choose a speaker just because of this however they seemingly work very well with Naim amplification. 


Hi S3 and Iver,

Interesting comment regarding the Alleas active, it has been mentioned before. I guess it would be worth trying them active and sure they will sound amazing. I do however agree with you they are a great speaker hence keeping hold of them until now, its a difficult situation.

Thanks Iver for your comments .......very interesting as you have been in the position I am in and opted for my 1st choice speaker.

How much difference are they from the Allea is it worth the expense Iver? Are they fussy at all with positioning?

I look forward to your reply.

Thank you gents for your interest in my post.


Hi Neil,

I'm reluctant to give any advice since, like you, I had little opportunity to demo different speakers against one another.

I can only give you my decision - B&W 803d3D; a bit more expensive than the KEF (don't know the prices of the rest) and considered a bit of a mullet compared to the rest of my system.

But I'm old-school and consider speakers should always be a notch above the rest of the system then I know I am hearing what the system actually sounds like.


My 250DR handles them quite easily and I have been smiling ever since I got them - they are my last speakers!




Hi Allan,

Many thanks for your reply. I will have a look at the B&W and hopefully read some reviews. The Focals retail for around £6000 but like you I would rather buy something I will be keeping for a long while and of course be very satisfied with.

Thanks Allan.


Dave J posted:

Justifiably flavour-of-the-month, Kudos Titan 606, should definitely be on your list.

I was thinking along similar lines - but maybe go active with the Allaes first. Then if the itch still needs scratching, the jump to Titans will be a jump to active Titans!

ChrisSU posted:
Dave J posted:

Justifiably flavour-of-the-month, Kudos Titan 606, should definitely be on your list.

I was thinking along similar lines - but maybe go active with the Allaes first. Then if the itch still needs scratching, the jump to Titans will be a jump to active Titans!

I like this idea.  I have been running active Allaes for over 10 years through several upgrades of other gear.  But it's not my money!

Dear Neil,

Most of my impressions are described in below two threads. Just before I purchased the Kanta's, I also upgraded my system from a 5-series to SuperNait2/HiCapDr/NDX, and most recently to 282/200Dr/HiCapDr/NDX. A massive improvement, yet the improvement the Kanata's had over the Allae's was even bigger. Don't misunderstand, I have used the Allae's for over 5 years and loved them every minute. The Kanta's are just a big step up: more weight and authority, more detail, more everything but almost with the rare behavior of disappearing completely. 

As mentioned earlier, I have really doubted between Kanta and Sonus Faber; they came very close. Iwas less impressed with KEF Reference but as always, it is yourself who should judge.

Good luck, Iver




Hello Neil,

       I'd agree with HH on this, and my system is extremely close to your own, but with SL2's.

      If you are just looking for a development of your current system sound signature then staying with Naim Speakers is the safest way. I know as I've been through Intro 2's, Allaes and now SL2's.

   Of course SL2's are not that easy to find, but you could start moving to a NAP300DR, while you do your search.

  Interestingly, when Martin Colloms reviewed the SL2's for HiFi critic he concluded that the NAP 300 was so superior to the NAP 250, that 300 passive was preferable to 250 active, for very similar outlay on boxes.

   When I first heard SL2's in my system, they were better than my resident Allaes, but driven by a 202/200 at the time, it wasn't a significant difference and one I could live without. With the introduction of 282/250 the gap was wider, but the Allaes were also showing ever more ability too. I was fortunate to find a pair of SL2's to purchase at this point so I have not heard them at 252 level, but I've no reason to think that they had reached their limit of performance, so why not just try a 300 with them and enjoy, while scouring the internet for some pre-loved SL2's,


Neil, I have had my ProAc D48R for 9months now. Very, very happy with them. My only caveat is room size and/or distance to rear wall. They go very powefull in the bass department if the room is not there to let them breath a bit and the 250DR you have would be the minimum I would drive them with.

Hi to you all,

Apologies for the delayed reply.....working away offshore,

Very interesting as I was only speaking with a certain Sondek guru not too long ago and the NAP300 was mentioned as well as SL2s. The fact the Allaes are actually a great speaker, the cherry pair I have are absolutely immaculate so TBO Im really quite reluctant in giving them away as I have also seen what little price tag they fetch nowadays...........such a shame. Looking at a NAP300 has shed a great deal of light onto my next upgrade and more cost effective as apposed to new speakers so I will probably go down this route as I would be doing anyway at some point in the future. 

Many thanks for your thoughts gents its greatly appreciated



Hi David,

Thank you for your reply, it has been mentioned frequently of late that the NAP300 is the way forward I have pretty much made my decision of now sourcing the amp however Im not too sure I will be able to acquire a late used one, maybe wait a while longer and purchase new. 

I will however let you know how I get on David in the meantime thanks for your advice.


S3 posted:

Neil, that is a very sensible decision. Your allaes are top quality speakers and, with a 300DR feeding them, I’m sure  you will be very impressed with what they produce. Do keep us updated and enjoy....



Hi David,

To keep you up to date...........

Well I took the plunge and purchased a new NAP300DR and must say its pretty amazing with the Alleas, you would think you were listening to something completely different, Im still burning in the amp so I have more performance to look forward too.

If anyone out there is thinking of making the leap to the NAP300DR then take it from me............Its well worth it I can't stop giggling!!!!

Many thanks David for your comment



What made  you to disconsider the spendor d9? Heard good thingrs about the vandersteen treo ct but did not have a chance to demo them yet.they fetch good reviews, on paper remindes you of the SL2.saw on stereophile an interview with Richard vandersteen, very impresive.

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