Football season 2016/17

Well pleased with Man City's performance with Spurs.Great game well happy with the draw could have won but Spurs didn't give up.Good to see us recover after the Everton disaster.

Gutted for Middlesbrough with the Hammers ( sorry Kev ).

Good recovery from West Ham.Andy Carroll has been brilliant let's hope he doesn't pick up any injuries.

Watching the second leg on Sky, I thought the Saints thoroughly deserved their victory and looking liked scoring right from the start. I suspect they were encouraged by Liverpool's dodgy defence which conceded three at home last weekend. 

FA Cup footy on today. In times past, I have feared a cup run by the Clarets. This time out I think it will help struggle to stay in the Prem. Tasty draw on Monday and we might get some momentum. The extra revenue will help as well. When you are paupers in the Championship and the church mouse of the Prem, you need all the help you can get. Burnley at Wembley again. Sounds good to me. I think the last time was the play off's in 2005. Before that the Sherpa Van Trophy vs Wolves. Crickey, that was a while ago. Circa 1988 I think.

Good win for Spurs today as well. Got to catch the highlights of that game.



Troubled by Saints' directorial incompetence in failing to acquire a serious centre back in the window, to replace either the injured Virgil van Dijk or the sold Jose Fonte.

Still, having expensively bought striker Manolo Gabbiadini, maybe Saints will now win their remaining games in the Prem, 5-4  :-)


Well happy for City running riot again at the Hammers .Thought we had a good chance of winning but not so infactically.The 2-2 draw with Spurs when we looked full of confidence and hunger after the 4-0 disaster away to Everton has continued.

Good to see a mixture of goals.K.D.B,  Silva and new signing Gabriel Jesus and Ya Ya Toures 2 nd half penalty.3-0 down at half time and with City's possession it was going to be some comeback from the Hammers.

Well pleased that Pep dropped goalkeeper Claudio Bravo and got Willy Caballero back.loving the midfield with KDB and Silva.Ya Ya as a holding midfielder suits him well.

Tricky game for West Ham away to Southampton Saturday. Think we will put Swansea to bed Sunday.Cant see Chelsea derailing.Liverpool where lucky to get the draw.


liking the new avatar good to see more of the Frapp.Was watching a 15 min concert in Cologne 2014 on YouTube last weekend.Brilliant enjoyed it..... incredible voice.11.50 pm here.......Time for some Depeche Mode.Policy of Truth to get things started.BTW any progress with your HB 1  refurbishment at Wilmslow  ?  

Think you will get a sort of DR' d  Wilmslow version back in Naim speak....Ha ha .No they should sound wicked mate.Loved my HB 1 s back in the day.My first speaker buy with matching  Heybrook stands and a Nait  but this combination only lasted 9 months as Kans and a 42-110  made me progress up the upgrade ladder but I kind of missed the HB 1 s high sensitivity easy to listen to quility.A fine British speaker from a flat earth vintage !

Wishing you a good week......Come on City and the Hammers !!


Hi Ian, was there on Wednesday. We were desperately poor and City were very, very good. We were totally outclassed, and our defence was woeful - City practically walked two of their goals in.

I will be happy if we get a draw at Saints away.

Not had time to sort out the HB1s, am a bit skint - just had to pay a huge tax bill and I've started up a record/music company, which is a massive drain on time and funds. I spoke to Wilmslow, and will probably get the HB1s done in April, when I have to go abroad for a couple of weeks.

Really looking forward to the Frapp gigs and album in March...

I take it this was the concert footage you were watching?

PS - Policy of truth (along with World in My Eyes) is my favourite Mode track. Might play Violater... later.


That was the one I watched.Just watched it again and as much as I like Agnes Obel and have seen her live twice and love the unique mood of her songs and her voice.I couldn't help thinking how far ahead Alison is in terms of creativity over Agnes......She's an awesome talent and has the most amazing smile.Shes got it and some !

Bet your chuffed with the Hammers.Andy Carroll is looking great.

Surprised with the Liverpool result.A disaster.Chelsea jugganaut rolls onwards and upwards.Looking foward to City tomorrow.Could be Jesus and Agrero in a 4-4-2 .

BTW where the City away supporters noisy on Wednesday night ?

Agree with your comments with regard to Depeche Mode.Just love the fact that every song is unique and the intelligence in the lyrics.Alison Goldfrapp guesting Iive or a studio track would be something.....

Wishing you a Rockin' weekend.

Cheers Ian

Christopher_M posted:

To the chorus of White Stripes' Seven Nation Army

Ga-bb-i, Gabb-i-a-deeni....Ga-bb-i, Gabb-i-a-deeni 

(Saints 4, Sunderaland 0, away at the Stadium of Light)


He looks a good signing. Circa £15m (?) for a goal-scorer who can cut-the-mustard in the Premier League is excellent VFM, too.

Tabby cat posted:

It will be interesting to see what margin Chelsea win the leauge by.I know they could derail but their seems great harmony in the squad and their just grinding the results out week in week out.

Kev did go to last night - How was it ?


I did Ian. Our indecisiveness and lack of pace on the wing was our downfall, despite our domination of possession and a good opening 20 minutes when Chelsea looked worried.Had Antonio, with his pace, been playing, we might have got something but the difference in class between the two teams was telling.

Chelsea were ultimately very good and didn't really look like losing once they'd scored. Nailed on champions I think.

Different question Kev, or anyone: In picture captions or sports stories in papers, online and on TV, how are you with the phrase. 'watching on'?

The context might be, 'Martin Caceres plays the ball with forward fellow new signing Mouez Hassen watching on'.

Drives me nuts.


Christopher_M posted:

Different question Kev, or anyone: In picture captions or sports stories in papers, online and on TV, how are you with the phrase. 'watching on'?

The context might be, 'Martin Caceres plays the ball with forward fellow new signing Mouez Hassen watching on'.

Drives me nuts.


Can't say I've noticed, but this phrase has been around for years. Doesn't annoy me particularly, it seems to me it adds a little to the scenario that the player "watching on" is ready to be in the action as opposed to some way away.

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