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just a short note to say I have just read on Facebook that frank is deeply unwell with a brain tumour. His wife Judith posted the news overnight and it has come as a complete shock to many, myself included. 

A serious Naim user and, I believe, dealer for the company in Malta?

im sure you will join me in sending him our best wishes and thoughts. 

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I live in the US, but I feel a connection with Frank. Early on Frank reached out and gave me valuable direction on my upgrade path.

For all those that read these words, please take a minute of prayer, to put Frank back on the Upgrade path of recovery.

Get well soon!


Frank has made fantastic contributions to this forum over several years (probably many before I tuned in also) to the effect that I always made a point of checking out any of his posts I stumbled across.  Jon's note certainly does not make for good reading.  Sincerest best wishes to Frank and every hope that he can muster the strength to recover.


Frank, you are a great example of how we all can be touched in a very positive way by people who live thousands of miles away and whom we've never met. You are always helpful and always positive. Take care of yourself Frank. Fight the good fight. As can be read here, you and your family have many friends holding you in their thoughts.

I'm taking the liberty of cross posting the FB posting here. It is expressly "to all Frank's Facebook friends" and I see no reason why this shouldnt include his Naim friends too who are not on Facebook, especially as she says "we agreed.... I would let everyone know".

I dont know what is the best email address for non-Facebookers to use to contact the family, maybe Naim HQ can advise?


"To all of Frank's Facebook friends.... this is Jude, Frank's wife, writing on his behalf.

This is a difficult post to write and I know that for many of you it will come out of the blue and be difficult to read, but I need to let you know that Frank is very ill. He collapsed suddenly in January and scans showed that he had a brain tumour. Unfortunately its the most aggressive type, glioblastoma multiforme, and we were told from the start that it was terminal.

We decided that we would not let it stop us and wanted to keep thing's as normal as possible, so you will have seen typical Frank photos and posts.

Despite brain surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy Frank kept going, luckily avoiding the worst side effects of treatment. He did get very tired and had problems managing everyday tasks but up until September continued to enjoy life as much as possible. At the beginning of September, Frank had a very bad set of seizures and was in hospital for over 5 weeks.

We managed to bring him home briefly last month but he deteriorated at the weekend and was readmitted. I know that this will come as a shock to many of you but Frank wanted to carry on as normally as possible which is why he decided not to tell everyone at the beginning.

We agreed that when his condition reached a certain point, I would let everyone know; we reached that point yesterday when he was moved to the palliative care ward. At the moment he is comfortable, sleeping most of the time and not in any pain. When he is awake, he is able to talk a little and recognises everyone and for that I am very grateful.

If you would like to send him a message please reply to this post or PM me; I'll read them out to him and I will let you know when his condition changes. Thanks to all our wonderful family and friends who have supported us both through this nightmare. He still has that glint in his eye at times and his lovely smile and he is and always will be the love of my life xxx"

Like others I am a US based member of the forum.  Frank is an invaluable member of this community and has made himself available to everyone who solicited his feedback and sage advice.  There were no geographical boundaries and myself, like others, felt as if he was next door.

Best wishes from all Naim users on this side of the pond.  You remain in our thoughts


I feel a deep sadness reading the post from Jude Abela. Very touching and beautifully written.

Not sure why life is sometimes cruel to the nicest people on the planet, Frank is a gentleman and one of the most generous persons I have ever known.

our thoughts are with you and your family.

I just read this on Facebook.   As many have guessed, without meeting him, Frank is one of those people who is incredibly welcoming and never fails to get you smiling and laughing.  This was particularly the case the last time I met Frank at Audio-T and I was going through a very bad patch in life.

Much love to Frank, Jude, family and friends.

Andrew Randle



From another US based Forum member. Such sad news about Frank. His posts are always informative and filled with good old fashioned common sense. When I was thinking about making a major change to my system, Frank took the time to send me a personal email with some of his ideas for me based on his experience. I adopted some of his ideas and they served my system well. Best wishes to you Frank and to all of your family and friends. 

Howard Karbel

Many years ago i lost a very dear friend due to a brain tumour, however i have since also known two colleague friends who actually survived after much treatment and surgery, so there is hope, and i hope and wish Frank the best possible outcome despite all the implications.


I met a Frank many times and we connected often on the forum, I have always found him to be a true gentlemen with a beaming smile. I think he truly loved being involved in the industry and the time he could spend here with fellow forum buddies means a lot to him, I wish Frank and his family my deepest feelings of hope to help them through this truly tough time.

Very sorry to read the news about Frank Abela being so unwell.

I’ve always valued Frank's helpful contributions to the forum, generously sharing his vast experience and knowledge for the benefit of rest of the forum members. 

Thoughts are with Frank and his loved ones at this difficult time. 

We are so sad to hear this news. We hope and pray for you all. Frank was here since the beginning, I met him once - a lovely kind man. You are all being so brave during this difficult time and our thoughts are with you.

Devraj and Ciara Banerji

This is such a dreadful shock. Like many others, I always read his words of great wisdom. Those who've met him are indeed lucky to have shared some time with such a wise and kind man, and such a dedicated Naim fan. My thoughts and prayers join everybody else's, in the hope that he may yet pull through.

Terrible news, that same horrible disease took our son in law four months after his 30th birthday after an 11 months battle. I sympathise and understand some of what Frank's family must be going through.

I almost feel like I know Frank after many years of reading his thoughtful and knowledgeable posts on the forum.


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