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... We don't need no edjoocayshun - allegedly.


How about this, it's one of the themes in here...

Journey of Life

From first the time we reach the light
then for ourselves a constant fight
The wonders lost as doctrine’s spread
with programmes thrust within each head
Now sleeping still as normal men
like sheep we stay within the pen
We fight a world that all appals
and hide behind our self-built walls
To be as gods we just need believe
           at any time
                      we know how to leave

Copyright © 2016 by Hugh S. Ellis
Released under the Creative Commons Attribution Non‑Commercial Share‑Alike 4.0 International Licence (CC BY‑NC‑SA).

Which begs the question... When writing in verse, which (if any) of the rules of grammar can be freely broken and which are still required?

N.B. note the split infinitive!

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