Guess what Potato quiz

In keeping your eyes peeled for a great spud, one cant go past this Gourmet version so precious, the Irish had a famine to celebrate its selling out at Tescos.

Great for mashing, frying, roasting or baking, this statchy beauty takes its name from an Island off the coast of England and its worst comedian rolled into one chip loving baby that is so renowned even its dirt can be used as a substitute for cheese.

The winner will recieve a spud gun and peeler
and a 1 KG bag of finest New Zealand Ruas delivered free anywhere in the North Island.

Lucky potato mystery recipient must set the next potato clue.
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I am confused. On the one hand you is telling us that the name of this particular type o' tattie can be found in the name of an island, presumably Jersey, and the name of a crap comedian, obviously Benny Hill, giving "Jersey Benny". Now this is where de problem starts, because your Jersey Benny is NOT an Irish potato, NOT very Starchy, NOT a good all-rounder and this leads me to conclude that frankly, you are NOT a potato man. Personally I would only use this type of potato boiled or maybe roasted in their skins with some olive oil, salt, and rosemary.

What are you up to mate ?
I think Minky you are jumping to conclusions here, as the Island must be the Isle of Wight, so its a something white then? Crap comedian has to be Les Dennis surely, so it's a "Les Dennis White potato". Never heard of it. I would have thought that Les Dennis is a prime target for mashing or boiling (preferably in oil - so that would be a chip?).
Originally posted by Minky:
the name of a crap comedian, obviously Benny Hill, giving "Jersey Benny".

What are you up to mate ?

I'm surprised and a might disapppointed in your response after suffering years of torture at Sunday lunch watching your hand with fingers akin to sausages without skins on, reaching across the table and stealing me last crispy roast tatty. How could you have done this to a defenseless child?

I was merely pointing out the Irish prediliction for the spud, not the variety and its actually spelt 'Benne' dickhead.

The only potatoes you know about are the ones that grow in your ear holes matey!!!!!
Originally posted by Jonathan Hales:
[The only potatoes you know about are the ones that grow in your ear holes matey!!!!!

That's where ye are wrong MATEY because there are a few more potatoes I am familiar with, namely the potato that you use for a BRAIN and the ornamental bonsai potato that you call a quark. Red Face

Did I get it right ?
Tempers, tempers chaps.

The Jersey Royal's proper name is the International Kidney by the way...

If you want to try some decent tatties how about:
Red Duke of York, Edzell blue, Charlotte, Pink Fir Apple, Concorde, Kestrel

And not the "Red potato" or "White Potato" that the supermarkets sell

I only mention the above because they are some of the ones that I shall be growing next year on my allotment...
Dream on Jonno. Why, just 10 minutes ago my running partner likened me to a frikken Kenyan. Razz

RIGHT. As I'm pretty sure that I am currently the king of the potato castle, and as no one else seems to want to keep this important potato thread alive, I guess it's up to me.

The spud I'm thinking of, unlike the Jersey BENNE (which is a SPECIALIST potato) is the pentathlete of the tuber world. In NZ this yellow-fleshed variety is a favorite of chefs for its versatility and delicate flavor. Great for baking, mashing and chipping (if you like 'em fluffy/crumbly).

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