Guitars, guitars, guitars!

Yeah I can't seem to post photos via phone. 

Got a couple of Jam pedals including a nice analogue delay - the delay lama!! 

Favourite is J. Rocket audio blue note, it's a great medium gain od and stacks great with the archer which is their take on the legendary Klon. 

Just about to pack car for a road trip to Hull. A post Christmas Christmas party. Not sure what they will make of us - they have been warned - we are loud!!! Should blow away any January blues  

Just gone back to photobucket.  Ignored the instructions in the faq, and just right-clicked 'copy' in the 'direct' box, then pasted here.  My browser is Safari.

I took these shots today in my 'man cave'.

First up : Fender Classic Player 60s Strat (Mexican) & PRS Paul's Guitar

Admira Teresa & Ibanez LGB30

Fender sandblasted Telecaster & Hamer Studio USA (possibly my 2 favourite guitars).  If you look closely next to the 'Carry On' DVDs, you can just see a Blackstar Fly amp, which I use as a headphone amp when on holiday in the UK.

Ibanez cheapo 3/4 size GIO.  Bought to keep grandkids away from my more expensive items!  Sounds quite good, but dirties up far too quickly to play clean sounds.  Oh, and Marshall DSL40C combo amp.

Blackstar HT1 & Orange Crush 50w Bass Amp

Martin D28, G&L L2000 Bass

There is one other guitar - a Squier Telecaster, but that's in being 'Frankensteined' to my specs.  Mods will cost more than the guitar did!  SWMBO did say 'why didn't you just buy another guitar', but shut up when I reminded her that she had insisted that I not buy 'any more' guitars. (sigh).  I'm having it fitted with Bigsby Vibrato, Seymour Duncan noiseless neck pickup and Little 59 bridge pickup, and a 4 way switch with coil tap.  Wonder what it's going to sound like ...

She should be used to me and realise that I do tend to collect things.  I would like go get a Les Paul, Chet Atkins Countryman and Fender Jaguar as well, but I think she'd throw me out if I did!

Photobucket seems to have worked now (after a power off/on), but is VERY slow.

Man,  I missed all of Dungassin's stuff until today - I likewise like your PRS - I sold a Custom 24 last year. The top wasn't as nice as yours - that looks to be a "10 top". I also like your Ibanez archtop, and would like to hear more about the classical.

I got rid of my Godin Multiac GC today, and almost simultaneously a package I had ordered arrived:

It's the cheaper Hofner made in Indonesia so it's nothing special - I don't really play bass but I like the short scale, and the light weight, so if I find some time I would like to get at least minimally proficient with it...and in the exchange I freed up some cash (which I can put towards the $989 they are charging me to extricate a damned squirrel or few out of my attic....grrrr...)

Plus, I heard some left-handed dude made these particular models pretty well known.


Well, I like my PRS too.  

The Ibanez George Benson is the cheapest of that range, but plays very well.  Flat wound strings, and has a beautiful 'jazzy' tone (what else would you expect.

The Admira classical is a bit of an odd-ball in my collection.  I bought it because I wanted to try something with a wider fretboard, as I have what my dad used to call "navvy's hands" (thick fingers with familial clubbing).  The wide fretboard makes some things easier to play, but others harder.  Still debating whether to get out the Tippex (TM) and put some little dots on the side of the neck as, like most classicals, there are no helpful markings to help you navigate to the correct fret.  All I work with there is that the 12th fret is where the fingerboard joins the body.  Action much higher than my other guitars.

I use 11 gauge strings on all my guitars except the classical (nylon strings) and PRS, which I've kept with 10s as adjusting for heavier gauge seems to be a bit awkward.  Also not sure what gauge strings on the classical guitar - it's still got the ones it came with.

Still waiting for my 'frankensteined' Squier Telecaster.  The delay is because my guitar shop were having difficulty getting a Bigsby for it.  I chased them, and they checked with other suppliers.  It seems that to get a Bigsby for a Fender, you have to actually get it from Fender (part of some licensing deal or something).

It's funny, but on acoustic steel string and electric, I use the dots. On my classicals, they are a hindrance to me. In fact the 2 student models I have I take a black sharpie and color in the dots (had one at the 7th fret) so I don't see them...something I could not live with on my steel strings. Something else that makes me weird I guess.

Just an FYI - with nylon strings, while of course there is a gauge, it is more then tension of the strong that is the determining factor (and how they are sold), from medium to medium-hard/hard/extra hard. (Or similar terminology that varies slightly by manufacturer.) I have only recently started to go less than hard tension because it is easier to play, which I found out when I bought my Prudencio Saez and it came with mediums.

Dungassin posted


I'm not a fan of Fenders or PRS, but that Ibanez jazz guitar looks very attractive and one which I wouldn't mind in my collection (although against all accepted practice I'd string it with 10s), but I'm sure SWMBO would insist I sell one first. And therein lies the problem!

Before last Christmas out of the blue my friend gave me his two electric guitars saying 'they will be more use to me'  (he likes to collect instruments but does not really know how to play them). So now my collection as below has suddenly grown from two to four guitars.  I am in the middle of learning 'Only You Can Rock Me' (Michael Schenker & U FO) from a 'learn how to play DVD - by a Dave Kiliminster showing me from his guitar playing.'  The rhythm/ chords of the song are quite logical but its learning the solo which is the killer.  At the end of the day if I can just play the whole song (rhythm & solo) whithin reason and timing that will be my own challenge - ofcourse my playing would be just a faint attempt in comparison to Michael Schenkers true flair of guitar style.


DrMark posted:

The UPS man was here today - all the way from Deutschland:

Duesenberg Starplyer TV - I love art-deco styling.

Have to install Schaller strap locks on it tomorrow.

The main man on guitars was playing a number of these at the Jack Savoretti gig last night. Fantastic tones and using that trem to great effect.

To answer Adam - yes so far - I have been so damn busy this weekend I have barely had time ot fiddle about with it!

Toby - I must say that on just early messing with it that this is the best trem I have ever seen on a guitar, and that includes the Bigsby on my Gretsch.

ZHB: +1 for sure!

I have my SG out for a modification, and then when I get that back I need to stop; GAS (Guitar Acquisition Syndrome) is as bad as upgradeitis.

I have a Cherry Burst G&L Tribute Special which I saw one recently go for $2.5k.

Bought as a middle age crisis toy and hardly played.

My nephew is due up next week as he is taking a break from recording so methinks he will leave with it under his arm.

Give me a set of drums anytime.

Still waiting for my new 'toy' to be completed.  The locking tuners haven't arrived yet, and everything was delayed because apparently you can only get a Bigsby for Telecaster from Fender.  I did have it home last week (minus the locking tuners), and it was sounding very good indeed.  Alas, my Marshall DSL40 has 'died' AGAIN.  Back at the dealers and then probably back to Marshall again.  (sigh)

When I get it back I'll post piccies.  Probably be the most expensive Squier Telecaster you've ever seen or heard!

Frank F posted:

Yes it is an original '52 LP Gold Top, unrestored.  There is no serial number and no numbers on the pots which is the key identification for the '52, SNs only appeared in 1954.  The trapeze is original and afaik this type have been used by Robert Plant's band and several others.  My son now has it!!  



Synchronicity indeed ........ I've been posting this very evening, on the "what are you listening to" topic, about Justin Adams, who uses the self same guitar, in Robert's band, The Sensational Space Shifters.

Envious am I. 

Dr Mark,

nice choice of finish on that Starplayer. Looks fabulous.

I would also love to be kept informed of how you get on with it. I've been tempted for a while to go for a Doozy. I've tried a couple in shops, but that's never as good a guide as owning one and getting to know it in your own home and time. 

Some very nice guitars on show. Very envious. Torn between hi-fi upgrades and new guitar. Anyone purchased a Shur - very tempting. I am considering ditching my jem as it's becoming very temperamental in terms of tuning stability. I never know how it's going to behave when I'm gigging lately. Can be very frustrating. 

I just this week saw this video, hence my question - Norm runs Norman's Rare Guitars in LA, one of the premier guitar stores in the you can see they're a little short on inventory!

He mentions the no serialization as you did Frank.

Frank F posted:

Thanks Adam for posting the photos.

Yes it is an original '52 LP Gold Top, unrestored.  There is no serial number and no numbers on the pots which is the key identification for the '52, SNs only appeared in 1954.  The trapeze is original and afaik this type have been used by Robert Plant's band and several others.  My son now has it!!  





Stuart - have you given thought to getting some locking tuners?

I started putting them on my guitars where appropriate just last year, and I could kick myself for not doing it WAY sooner than I have. The Doozy came with them, but I now have them on my Strat (Schaller), Tele (new Fenders - made in China but work great), my Gretsch Brian Setzer, and "Franken-axe" too (Sperzels on both of those).

Make restringing so much easier (I am incredibly lazy about doing it), and they stay in tune now - I had trouble with my Strat with the original regular Fender tuners, but no longer.

And thus far Kevin I am really happy with the Duesenberg - it is the only non wood grain visible finish guitar I have,, but for me it was the choice I really wanted. They have a Mike Campbell signature model - looks like a sports car and a jazz guitar got together and had a baby!

winkyincanada posted:
Frank F posted:

Thanks Adam for posting the photos.

Yes it is an original '52 LP Gold Top, unrestored.  There is no serial number and no numbers on the pots which is the key identification for the '52, SNs only appeared in 1954.  The trapeze is original and afaik this type have been used by Robert Plant's band and several others.  My son now has it!!  





And by "wow" I mean holy f@$$ing $h!+!

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