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I've finally got my 'frankensteined' Telecaster back.  Hope the photo makes it in from Photobucket.

It's only a Squier Affinity Telecaster, but the mods are :   Bigsby vibrato, Seymour Duncan Little 59 bridge pu, Seymour Duncan Vintage Stack neck pu, 4 way switch which allows bridge/both either in series or parallel/neck.  Also coil tap which works on both pickups.  Sounds awesome and well worth the cost of modifying IMO.   

Hope Photobucket cooperates and shows the photo.  It's certainly not behaving the way it says in the forum 'upload image' faq.


Photobucket, alas, didn't cooperate.  I'll try again.   For those who want to know - ignore the forum faq.  Right click in the Photobucket 'Direct box and select 'copy.  Then paste that into the Naim forum bit.

I'm going to have locking tuners fitted to it.   The tonal palette is now very wide indeed.  I can still get typical Tele sounds out of it, but can also make it sound rather like a Chet Atkins Countryman, and produce very similar sounds to my Hamer American Studio (i.e. Les Paul type sounds).   Very pleased, even if the mods have cost £700 so far.

Got to go and find the manual for my Lumix Bridge camera now.  I think SWMBO has been playing with the 'creative' controls, and I need to reset them to their defaults.   I had to take several photos before I got one that actually looks approximately the right colour (a sort of dark butterscotch)

Dropped my modded Telecaster into the shop today to have the tuner heads changed for locking ones.

While I was there I spotted a rather nice used Burns Hank Marvin in their used section.  Black, Hank signature on the headstock.  Very nice.  I'm very tempted (must try to persuade SWMBO to let me buy it)

DrMark posted:

Man,  I missed all of Dungassin's stuff until today - I likewise like your PRS - I sold a Custom 24 last year. The top wasn't as nice as yours - that looks to be a "10 top". I also like your Ibanez archtop, and would like to hear more about the classical.

I got rid of my Godin Multiac GC today, and almost simultaneously a package I had ordered arrived:

It's the cheaper Hofner made in Indonesia so it's nothing special - I don't really play bass but I like the short scale, and the light weight, so if I find some time I would like to get at least minimally proficient with it...and in the exchange I freed up some cash (which I can put towards the $989 they are charging me to extricate a damned squirrel or few out of my attic....grrrr...)

Plus, I heard some left-handed dude made these particular models pretty well known.


Curse you for all eternity Mark! I want one too! I used to have the real one around 1968/9 (a gift from my two dearest friends), and you don't understand the beauty of that instrument until you play and sing I saw her standing there with it....

(I was a bass player too, then)


Paul Stephenson posted:

savarez vs daddaorio

Now having more time I am currently trying to play my custom strat, Taylor t5 and a recent addition a Yamaha ntx1200, my question is regarding the Yamaha, I am having a kinda flamenco moment and which strings do you think are best suited?

D'Addario are widely available so should be easier to get / replace.
Savarez are specialist in what they do.

Both will work well.

At the end of the day just answer one question - if you change strings often (say a set every few weeks or so / once a month) I'd just go for the ones that are were easy to buy. That's one of the reasons I keep on using d'Addario

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