Harbeth owners: How long did you own them?

Thanks for posting the photos Alba.

Frank, I  have tried the LFD Zero LEIII with the Harbeth SHL5 non-Plus about 8 or 9 years ago. The LFD has an illuminating sound with a sweeter and more tube-like presentation than Naim and most solid state amps I have tried with the Harbeth. Very good clarity and speed as well with tight and clear bass lines. During that time the LFD was directly compared to my much costlier Plinius and Audio Research separates driving the Harbeth SHL5. The LFD made the separates system sound broken.

The Nait XS together with the Rega Elicit were brought in later and to be frank both didn't have the special engaging sound of the LFD when matched with the Harbeth. However, i didn't pick the LFD as the deal breaker for me was the below par build quality (cheap looking case) and the lack of remote. I later tried the Naim 202/200 and the Harbeth sounded quite admirable with these which i think is a decent step up from the Nait XS. The 282/250Dr with Chord Signature cables throughout sounded a lot better.

I am not sure how the 282/250DR will compare to the LFD on the Harbeth but I am not bothered now as i have stopped looking. The 282/250 is quality, producing an engaging and robust sound with the SHL5 Plus speakers. There is now the LFD Zero MkIV and V, and also the top of the range NCSE. You may try the LFD if you have the Harbeth to see if you like it, provided you can accept the aesthetics and the lack of a remote control.

Simon-in-Suffolk posted:

For me I owned a pair of  C7 ES-3 for about 3 months and then sold... it was indeed the bass that let them down in my setup... they were too slow and indistict compared to what I was used to with my earlier ATCs... I found I couldn’t easily follow bass lines as well... I tried all sorts to tighten the bass to no avail

I know exactly what you mean, I experienced this with the 30.1 but after moving the speakers well away from front and side walls (70cm from front centre of woofer to rear wall, 1m from front centre of woofer to side wall) it's now unnoticeable in my room. Perhaps the 30.1 is a bit tighter than the C7.

ATC is without a doubt better at bass but as you say, there is something about the Harbeth sound that is just beguiling, you can just sit back, enjoy, and listen to them all day. Everything sounds good, regardless of genre. They are also a much better match for bass in my room (4m x 4.3m) compared to SCM40.

I've also recently had an opportunity to compare the 30.1 to Spendor 2/3 and Spendor 3/1. It was close between 30.1 and 2/3 but in the end the Harbeths were a better match for my room, offering less bass.

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