Headphone amps compared

feeling_zen posted:

I never found the HD800 light on bass. In fact, when I auditions many cans before buying a pair, the really notable thing was how incredibly low and clear the 800 managed to get without sounding dark. I had always assumed that the 800S was to address the other end of the scale since so many people are fans of modding (or ruining depending on how you see it) their 800 with thick felt added to the inner fabric grille.

I agree.

One of the thing I was impressed the most  was its clean and fast, almost SL2 like bass delivery. Seamless from top to bottom, it possessed the nimbleness of electrostats but with firm transient attacks of dynamic transducers.

Erich posted:

A review states: "HD 800S touting improvements in bass response along with a hip new black color scheme and an included XLR-4 headphone cord for use with balanced-drive headphone amps...

... offers all of the sonic strengths and audio performance advancements of the original model but with just a touch more low-end  presence, which made it sound slightly smoother overall and more musically cohesive to all of our headphone.com testers".

Out of curiosity, I would like to know which amp and source the reviewer and the *testers* use for this review.

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Simon-in-Suffolk posted:

It's only worth it if you value the differences you hear. I don't know the Mojo, but I value the difference I hear between Hugo and HugoTT. The TT has a more capable headphone stage than the Hugo which I am told suits the higher impedance Sennheisers better.



Simon, I'm currently experiencing an issue with my TT and wondered if you have the same problem in your setup. I noticed that when the front led display is on/lit then a faint high pitch noise can be heard through the speakers (SCM40A), it's audible 0.5-3 foot away. The noise disappears once the front led display times out and switches to off. The noise is not audible through headphone out.

Happy to report Chord Electronics have resolved my issue.

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