So Vilco what was your intention with the Hicap ? I take it from your first post that you have the FC2 powering both the CD5 and 62 ?

As already mentioned, the Hi-Cap can't power two items so can't just replace the FC2 but you could still use it to power the CD5 or the 62 (whichever combo you find to sound the best).

 You can then use the FC2 (using a single output) to power what is left over. 

The Flatcap2 Power Output B was specifically optimised for use with the CD5, so I'd probably favour doing that rather than keeping it on the NAC62 and putting a Hicap on the CD5. So if you get a Hicap then put it on the NAC62 and then dedicate the Flatcap 2 to the CD5.

A warning though...  A Hicap that's in need of servicing can be a backwards step.

Yes, Naim cables are directional - the banded end goes closest to the source of the signal.

NAC62 connects to the Hicap via the SNAIC5 (each only has one 240 degree DIN5 so hard to go wrong here. The DIN5 is revealed when you remove the round black link plug. SNAIC banded end closest to NAC62).  From the Hicap DIN4 (any of three) you connect via SNAIC4 (banded end closest to the Hicap) to the Power amp.  DO NOT connect the power amp directly to the pre-amp when the latter is powered from a Hicap.  This will work but can result in damage to the equipment.

The CD5 analogue output stage connects to Output B via SNAIC5 (banded end closest to the CD5).  You will still need to provide mains power to the CD5 (the FC only powers the analogue output board). Signal goes straight from the CD5 via the grey interconnect.

Great...thank you. The problem is solved


 I have another problem
the nac 62 that I have recently bought
it sounds so different that of the of my friend
even though they have almost the same serial numberi
The nac 62 of my friend has a very dynamic sound, it's more open.
I was somewhat disappointed with the purchase, what may be the cause of this difference between two the preamplifiers.


Thank you very much for your availability.-


As you suggested I left my Hicap and My preamplifier on for two days
the sound is slightly improved but not much.

Let me do an example:
the volume knob of my preamplifier is at 12 o'clock to achieve a certain sound, the other preamplifier has the same sound as mine but with the knob at 8 o'clock
obviously the same Cables and Power amplifier.
we have dismounted both and inside are very similar.
How is it possible?

So long as the knobs are starting from the same point - i.e. they aren't orientated differently on the spindle, then that sounds like something is wrong.  Has the previous owner modified the other NAC62 in some way?  The only way to get to the bottom of it would be to have an authorised Naim service engineer take a look.

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