High output cartridge for LP12

Disaster has struck!! It appears my Dynavector DV20XH has a damaged cantilever - cause unknown, but operator error is the prime suspect (oh dear!). Replacement cost, even with trade in discount, may be prohibitive - any suggestions of less costly alternatives I may like? 

LP12, walnut plinth,  circus, Lingo 1, Akito (original), (all Cymbiosis serviced) - Naim 72 MM phono boards/HC/140 (all serviced) into Rega Ela 1.5s.


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No, not at all. It is at the top of my list, but wasn't sure if it still should be? And what the alternatives might be? I'm not up to date with current cartridge choices - when you find something you like, why question it, especially when you've stretched your budget to buy it!! 

Lots of votes for DV 10x5 will be significant!


Other cartridges I've heard through a Naim phonostage and liked are the Goldring 1042, Goldring 2400 and Linn Adikt. The latter may require expert fitting into the Akito's headshell though. I say this having seen a post somewhere here (from Peter Swain of Cymbiosis) about it.

As for meaningful dems..... Good luck!


Sorry for your misadventure.

With your set-up I wouldn't consider a dynavector, its expensive and not really worth.

I d get an AT 440 Mlb which works a treat on your arm and eventually save money on what really makes a difference , I.e. a better sub-chassis. And after that the arm swap.


Thanks for all the great replies! Yes, my avatar is the Cantilever Stone on the Glyders in Snowdonia. I used to spend most of my weekends in North Wales in all weathers and all seasons, aside from occasional forays into Scotland or sometimes even further afield. I hadn't thought of the link to my present post about a damaged cantilever until it was pointed out to me though!!

I have contacted my house insurance company and I may be able to make a claim. They have requested I get a report of repair costs plus a statement regarding how this may have happened?! I think they are trying to distinguish between accidental damage and wear-and-tear so I'm hoping this may be possible. Obviously I'll need to get the deck to a dealer and I shall be trying to arrange that in the morning but it may take a little time.

Suggestions of alternative cartridges are still of interest in case my insurance company does not recompense me (and after the excess and travel costs etc, not to mention increased future premiums I'll still be paying out - but I guess it was my mistake!).

I have used the services of Cymbiosis before and wouldn't hesitate to recommend them to all and sundry, but they're too far away at present. Upgraded sub-chassis and/or arm swap will have to wait awhile, but maybe someday....

I'll report back when I have an outcome to the insurance claim.


Very pleased to say my insurance claim was successful an dealt with promptly once I'd got a report from a local dealer - Gulliford Hifi in Exeter were very helpful and straight forward to deal with. The replacement DV20XH was fitted yesterday and I'm very happy with the result.

When I retrieved all the packaging for my LP12 out of the loft I found the old Linn K9 that my (s/h) deck came fitted with before I took it for service to Cymbiosis some 9 years ago, sitting in the DV20XH box, and this was installed while my insurance claim and replacement cartridge order was pending. It worked fine and for a couple of evenings I did question the need to buy another DV20XH but ultimately it never quite filled the gap! The insurance company settled directly by cheque to me, and more than once I considered diverting the funds elsewhere! As you can see from my statement above I did follow the direct replacement route and for me this is a wonderful cartridge. If anything I feel this new DV20XH is even better than the one it replaced, full of detail and impact and a good match for my system.

Presently I'm enjoying exploring old records, and at slightly higher than normal listening levels it just keeps getting better!

Many thanks for all the advice and suggestions, especially Allan Milne for pointing out the possibility of an insurance claim for accidental damage!