How long will we have to wait again for the Atom HDMI ?

hello all, 

Naim has been proudly advertising and announcing the launch of the regular Atom for  days now but remains oddly silent as for the shippping of the Atom HDMI version. 

For those like myself who've been waiting for their unit to be finally delivered the wait is now unbearable and even my dealer now is quite upset, especially because Focal (naim distributor here in France) is not announcing any date for the unit's delivery and remains silent as well

I made a deposit payment to my dealer for half of the order amount and I've been waiting for my unit to delivered at my door since then 

the wait is really too long now and I wish naim took the time to contact or make an announcement as regarding the HDMI units 

If I knew it'd be so long I'd rather keep my money or spend it elsewhere while waiting for the units to come. But now I don't even know when I'll have my atom 

really sad to announce a product even before knowing if and when one will be able to deliver it to the customer 

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The standard Atoms are shipping now in the UK and I'd imagine that your dealer should now have an idea of when the HDMI versions are due.  Of course, if you're outside the UK then I guess it will be down to the distributor to let your dealer know when they are due a shipment of HDMI Atoms.  In other words, the best people to keep you abreast of the ETA for your Atom are your dealer and/or distributor.

Hey Richard 

many thanks for your reply 

I do know my dealer is the best person to get in touch with, however when my dealer contacted Focal they just did not give any detail about the shipping timeline !!!! 

I just can't believe Naim is not even giving  any info at all  about when the units will ship and for now it's all about the non HDMI version, and at the same time remainq dead silent about the HDMI kit... rather sad 

This is why we have been calling for regular updates on the forum Richard, because the dealers do not seem to be a able or willing to keep prospective customers up to date! It's like pulling teeth, so when Trvor stepped in it was like a breath of fresh , nothing has changed, updates are still needed.

OK, I've asked for an update (although I think Trevor may be Overseas on business ATM, so may not get an immediate response).  Bouba, obviously nobody will be able to say when your particular unit will ship, but at least everyone can get some info on where Naim are at with the new Unitis.

Thanks for the information Richard 

But still Really don't get it why lucky Irish naim customers get their Atom HDMI while most others are still waiting without even a clue about when their dealer get a chance to grab some units. 

Focal, I.e. Naim own sister company and naim distributor located here in France, has been dead silent since the initial launch date, which is a real shame. My own dealer told me he's very disappointed  given the lack of information. And I can't blame him for it. I can't imagine why Naim would announce a release date for a product without even knowing how long the beta test will last!! 

I do agree with everybody that else here saying better proof testing the gear to avoid any glitch when the units hit the dealers and customers' shelves, but I don't get it why the heck, they would announce a release date even before manufacturing process start once they double make sure every technical issue has been addressed....

So please Naim bring back the magic: make sure you keep your fans and dealers posted. 

What he told me was that they are focusing on clearing the non hdmi backlog first 

atom is 2-3 weeks behind apparently but things may change 

half annoyed and half relieved. I don't want to be a guinea pig so happy to wait a bit for a more refined version with less glitches...

wait within reasons :-) 

 Not sure the hdmi output is a dealer upgrade but I rather thought since the announcement that would be factory mounted and then customer will have the choice upon ordering with a little extra on the final price 

anyway my naim dealer is actually quite upset, as I am: because waiting for a glitch free item is one thing, remaining dead silent (as Focal- Naim French distributor tend to be for months now) is an absolute nightmare and I consider the least Naim could do is to communicate more, and not only onto this forum for customers who are waiting for the hdmi version of the atom....

if i knew it'd take so long, I would have rather use my deposit pre-payment elsewhere. I'm happy though my 2nd UQ2 is still with me while waiting for a hypothetical answer and official announcement from Naim 

but to be honest, can't bear naim silence longer regarding this issue 

I keep looking at the update but looks like the atom with hdmi has been moved aside for now.

focus seems to be atom, nova and then star...

mase me regret going for the hdmi version a bit..hoping we get them end of sept 

an update from naim will be good at this stage indeed 

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