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It can be quite a pain - for some reason, maybe depending on individual computer, tablet or smartphone setups, what works well for some people seems not to for others. I had no end of trouble trying to post pictures using Imgur - and it was random, sometimes worked, more ofter didn’t (and Imgur wasn’t the issue as the pics were accessible tgere). There was a thread on this earlier this year, through which I found how to do it in a way that worked for me consistently. May be worth a read if you have any further difficulty:

Be aware that when posting your own pics, the choice of hosting site and how it is set up can affect your privacy, as it could make other pictures of yours hosted on the same site. Imgur does have the ability to use it anonymously, not needing to log on, which possibly is better than doing it other ways if you have other pictures that you don’t want to share with others on here.


Happy Listener posted:

It seems Amazon changed their systems a while ago, which removed URLs from cover-art and other pictures for their CD/Vinyls - unless there is another way of doing this?

Richard - is it worth updating the FAQ page to remove reference to Amazon, assuming I'm correct?

I still select cover art from Amazon (and others depending on image quality and size). On an iPad I perform a search on the album title, select 'image' then choose the best image available. Often this is Discogs or eBay, neither of which seem to allow their images to be used, so it's necessary to chose another image. Often or etc. host reasonable quality cover art, in which case I might use one of those. Then choose 'copy' (which selects the URL) and post it in the usual way.

In case anyone else is suffering the same, it seems on (my) MS Edge via lap-top the right click 'copy' command doesn't grab the URL (as it used to IME). 

So now I get to the URL on Amazon via opening the expanded image/Ask Cortana/See Full Size Image, which shows the URL in address bar. Perhaps a bit long-winded but it works. 


Salvo posted:

embarrassing!!! tried it all, cannot get it.



I remember similar frustration! Did you try this (lifted from the other thread), which solved it for me on an iPad:


Until I have succeeded a few times on separate occasions it is hard to be absolutely certain, but distilling the above it seems that to be sure it will work you must install the Imgur app. You don’t need to register even though opening the app seems to require it - instead close the app, open imgur in Safari and select upload image, which takes you into the app but with an option of continuing without registering, then upload the image into Imgur (straightforward). No need to complete anything else like caption, just complete the upload. Once completed, press on the image in Imgur still showing on your screen, then select ‘copy link’. Back in the forum posting dialog slelect the ‘mountains’ icon, paste into rhe source box and OK - and that hopefully is done!

From Flickr it's a little different:

1) Go to the picture's page (click on the picture if you're in the photostream or album)

2) Click the little curvy arrow at the bottom right to "Share Photo"

3) Select the "embed" option from the tabs on the dialogue box

4) Control_C to copy the text string (Command-C on a Mac). (Text will already be selected, ready to copy)

5) Back at Naim, in the "Add Reply" form select the option at the top to insert that looks like this <> (It is out at the right, and is NOT the Insert Photo option)

6) Paste the text into the box and click OK

7) Complete your post by adding witty banter

 Here's a test!


blythe posted:

The only options in Flickr that I can see, having made sure the image is "Public" are to share to: "Share" or "Embeded" or "Email" or "BBCode".
Having tried all of these options and non have worked, I'm now scratching my head.

You need to use "Embed" on Flickr, copy the text (it will already be highlighted/selected), and then back here on the forum, do NOT use the "insert Picture" icon but click the one at the right that looks like this:  <>

Paste the text you copied from Flickr and click OK.


You can use insert/edit photo with the mountain Icon. On flick mouse click on the 'Download the Photo' icon (represented by a 'Down Arrow image with an Underscore' below it, then choose 'view all images', then on the chosen image perform a 'control/mouse click' on the image and choose 'copy image adress' then click on the mountain icon and perform a 'command v, in the source box and select the 'OK' button.

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