How to sift metadata

When I first started to rip my classical CDs onto my Unitiserve, the metadata of correct album was identified and detailed most of the time.    It was uncommon for the wrong album to be detailed and, when it was, I could generally sift through the alternatives available and find the correct one.

I am now finding that, when I rip my collection onto my Core, not only is the metadata wrong for at least a third of the CDs, but the options offered are ludicrously irrelevant and I can search and search and fail to find the correct album more often than not.  I now rely on being able to read the printed data which comes with the CD.

The metadata providers must be aware of this and know thar their indexing is so arbitrary and illogical that users will give up searching.

I wondered whether it was because many of my CDs are old but I find that even newly released CDs cannot be found.

Also, on the rare occasions when I can find the correct metadata, is it possible to save it so that I don’t need to search again next time?

Am I missing something or is this an accepted failing  of the metadata provision?

Original Post

I also find the Core metadata lookup is much less reliable than the Unitiserve used to be. So in this respect the lookup strategy Naim adopted for the Core was a retrograde step and it is unbelievable that they also actually launched the product without metadata editing.

However you can now edit the metadata of Core rips and save the edits. So even if the Core can't identify or completely mis-identifies a CD, with a few minutes work you can add much of the metadata back and add the cover  art too. There are some fields you can't edit yet though, but these are mainly relevant only to classical music which I don't believe Naim developers or in-company testers ever listen to!

if you haven't discovered metadata editing in the Core, you go to the home page in the app, select the drop down menu (in IOS that's the line of dots in the top right of the screen) and select metadata editing. You have to save after you have finished and there are some bugs in it still so that sometimes you have to save something for a second time or go in and make a trivial edit to an irrelevant field so that it stores it as a custom edit.

You can't edit metadata in downloads this way though, only CD rips.