I was a bit feisty, some explanation


Looking back at one of my posts the other day I realised I was somewhat feisty.  Nothing wrong with that in itself but I recognise that my tone was somewhat out of character.  So an explanation.  

Sadly last month my wife Margaret of 35 wonderful years passed away after a long brave battle with peritoneal cancer.   Although in reality not a surprise it is of course hard to rationalise.    

However, in getting through the ordeal I have received unstinting moral support from our 2 fantastic daughters, Natasha and Alison, and other close family and friends.   We had almost 80 people in attendance ar her funeral including Nigel and Karen (the Polarbears) and JonR from this forum, and appropriately featured some fantastic and poignant music in accord with Margaret’s request.  We also raised a lot of money for the amazing Macmillan organisation. 

We now move on to the next chapter however tough that might be. 

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Mama Mama look at Uncle Joe,

Doing the hand jive with Sister Flo. 

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