in anticipation of Fraim just ordered...

Yes spend a good while with it. Become familiar with the way everything sounds. Then try and borrow a long enough set of A5 speaker cables and position the Fraim as suggested and see if it makes a difference to your own ears. Then you will know for sure wether there is anything in it

i run my system between the speakers and many others do. Depending on room and of course speakers results will differ. The Fraim as far as I'm aware is more of a tuned support device made specifically with the resonant nature of Naim boxes in mind rather than an outright isolation solution so might not perform at best with strong vibrations coming from the speakers.

another consideration if you do decide to try is room nodes where strong low frequencies can collect. Probably a worse place to situate the Fraim.

Wunderbaum posted:

thank you all for your comments and suggestions - surely the most dominant one being the system placed between the speakers - but as SKIP mentions, i quite like the notion that this is a journey of improvements (as my system has been) and for now, this is how the system is going to live;-)

To answer the Questions regarding improvements, i now have about 10 hours of listening with the current layout and i can say that i have definite improvements - most noticeable around image and separation of instruments - there is a very clear and defined 3d soundstage, with instruments and musicians well placed on the stage - that also translates to more defined frequencies, as individual instruments are allowed more "space" in the music.

And i have to say - as mentioned before - it looks SOO good;-) - i found myself going into my home office (were the system is placed) quite a few times during the weekend just to look at the damned thing!!!

in regards to value for money it would rank it as a black box upgrade (at least), but of course it depends on a lot of variables (system, previous rack etc) but i dont regret the purchase one moment - actually the Fraim is right now the only element in my system bought new - all else is preloved...

just ordered my Fraim today - hopefully end of March for install - my dealer said the same "as a black box upgrade"

hope so, it will certainly benfit the whole system at least - LP12 NDX et all

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