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In May i bought a uniquote2 I have a wireless connection to spotify.  Tonight it went mute al by itself and then down to zero volume after i unmuted it.  Also a lot of the time the volume drops to 0 and then back to full volume etc?  Any ideas or do i have a faulty unit  I live in a detatched house so it would not be neighbours remote and my wife had her iphone off  Thank you.

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To eliminate stray IR signals (I had a similar issue with a new UQ2 near a mirror, since moved it has been gremlin free for 2 years), cover the IR sensor by placing some card upagainst the Naim logo and screen. If this cures the gremlin then you'll know placement is the issue. Sunset and sunrise are common times for these issues.

Make sure the protective film is removed from the logo also and touch it a few times to mute on/off to confirm it works. I found the touch sensitive logo needed several manual cycles to work out the inner demon.

And if that fails, power it down and call your dealer on Monday.

Hi, I visited the forum because I'm having the same problem. I bought my Uniqute 2 in June and didn't have any problems, suddenly it's started this volume stuff. Mostly it volume turns down or goes into mute.  Occasionally the volume goes up. I've had to restict the volume level to prevent it going to loud.

I don't think it's the mute button because I can see the display cycling between screens when it happens.

Via the remote control, go to Settings, Display, and set Logo Mute to 'No'. Does the problem still occur? If not, perhaps you have a faulty logo or touch controller chip.


I have these volume gremlins with my UQ2 too, and I'm using Logo Mute=No for now, as the issue doesn't bother me enough to deal with servicing. Especially as I was using the Logo mute/volume control feature very infrequently.

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