Innuos zen mini mk2

I got intrigued, and had a look at their website. But I couldn't quite figure out whether Innuos had something like AccurateRip. Another concern was as to whether the recommended Apps were any good. The Naim App might not be perfect, but I am still somewhat reluctant to give up my ND5XS and loose the App I am familiar with. However, a Hugo Qutest and Innuos has a certain appeal... It would be great to learn more about first-hand user experiences... Cheers!

The Innous is a pc inside running iTunes home server.  It uses Asset as UpNP server and can stream to Apple TVs, Computers and direct to Super Uniti.  Not sure what is uses to rip as I mainly Rip Movies to it as I am now mostly using TIDAL and buying via HD Tracks as either FLAC or ALAC.

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Has anyone got one? My dealer thinks highly of them and it would seem like a neat alternative to a NAS, Roon ready too.

No but if you have a look at the index of the monster thread "A novel way to massively improve the SQ of computer audio streaming" at page one, you will find a link to a detailed review of the Innuos Zenith SE (by austinpop) as compared to the SoTM Trifecta chain. The quastion is then, of course, of how the Zen Mini compares to the Zenith SE, but at least you get some detailed infos about the Innuos servers. If you are looking at an alternative to a NAS, you might also consider the entry level of the new Antipodes servers. Both the Innuos and the Antipodes support MinimServer, if I am not mistaken.

I have the Zen which is a Movie and Music server.  I tried Asset and Minim Apps on my iPad and they both worked by 'finding the UpNP server" in the Innous Zen.  I did not need to do anything to the Zen as I recall.  Comparing Asset and Minim there was not much difference both do the job ( not as nice interface as iTunes ) but better file handling capability.


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Well, i am aware of this page but only see the below

Fast and Reliable UPnP Server

innuOS also contains a UPnP Server configured out-of-the-box to work flawlessly with a number of UPnP-based systems:

  • Wireless multi-room: such as Denon HEOS, Bang & Olufsen and BOSE amongst others
  • Music streamers such as Naim, Linn , Moon, Auralic and many others

I'm using the original Innous Zen the Liv Zen from 2015 into a Chord 2qute also from 2015 so a bit behind the times but still a really excellent digital front end for less than £1,000 used.

Run on Logitech Media Server and controlled on my iPhone/iPad by iPingu 9 I can stream Tidal, Quboz or Spotify also BBC iPlayer, Tunein Radio, Deezer amongst others and I'm also able to rip CD's to the 2TB Drive that resides within the Liv Zen and play them also via LMS and iPingu 9.

I can't imagine there is a better value streaming solution with the same level of SQ out there which is a lot better than I remember from my old ND5XS.

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