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Hi again,

Well after quite a bit of changing around, thanks to some of the advice here, I now have a Chord Hugo which has replaced my 2Qute, and am using a Gustard U12 to convert USB to Optical. 

The difference is very noticeable compared to the 2Qute via USB. The sound is so much more relaxed and easy to listen to. The bass seems deeper and the treble seems much smoother with no sibilance except on bad recordings which is hard to escape totally from.

The only issue I have now is that the Guatard only seems to be showing 44.1 on the display even when I play high res (pink Floyd Division bell atm). Any ideas

Thanks again for the help with this. I wouldn't be where I am now without the great advice from this first class forum!


JamesN posted:

Ok thanks Adam...I'll have a look when I get home tomorrow. From memory I think you can change the bitrate in the settings. But not sure that is the answer.


I know where to change those settings on a Mac (there is a MIDI controller). Perhaps someone with Windows can advise.

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