Is my CDX2 headed to AVOptions?

No particular reason, just thought the picture would indicate, she's home.

In fact, I took pictures of the dented double box, the opening of the box, the packaging, and the placement of all my boxes in the cellular, to indicate to the nice gentleman, that I did everything by the book.

Even a warming period before, I powered her up!

But when I opened the tray, I immediately sent my thanks to the guys at Audio Plus!


I Wish I had the balls to attempt it, but I'm not that good! 

I know them all  Eric, Michel, Stephanie, even the lady in charge of communication.

Eric explained to me, if I had any problems, to call him.

Nice people! 

But again the picture was just the first thing I saw when opening my package, just wanted to share the experience, that's all.

But most importantly, 3:00 am in the States, and I'm jamming, going through tunes to see if I Can tell a difference!

Maybe it's all in my head, but it's nice to have her  back!

BTW, I like pictures, sort of validates that one is not shooting the breeze!








Christopher_M posted:

Ok. When I get my boxes back from Naim, I don't photograph the job sheet. But we are all different


Chris, trust me, if the everyone was like me, it would be a sad place! That's what makes the World Beautiful! 

You, Adam, Simon, HH, DB, Richard Dane, all beautiful People just Different! 

Friday, January 13, 2017

Estimate approbation

# RA : RAAPS33864
Product : NAIM CDX2
Servicereplaced optical laser1.00  
Parts01-007-0006 CD Mechanism Assy, VAM1202,1.00  
Shipping 1.00  


See I'm a smart ASS can't help myself!!!!

@ Adam, if I had your money, I would have a 552, instead of this measly 282!!!LOL...

But seriously, antonio forcine, is really sounding good, the fingers on the strings APPEAR, to stand out more, who knows.

But as my Father used to say, if you like it, I love it!!!!

Allante93! Out

Christopher_M posted:
Allante93 posted:

Not really expecting any improvements in SQ...

You might be surprised.


Well Chris, you were right, I am surprised. Not being a skeptic, but  I do try very hard to be as objective as possible, to avoid those mind tricks!

Well going on about 3 weeks, I guess. No skipping or high pitched squeals, just smooth enjoyable listening. Durring the last couple of weeks, I've been hard pressed to notice any improvements in SQ, But the Dreaded HUM did show his face!

Funny thing, it appears, and disappears as it pleases, as of late the System has been very quiet.  I now realize, that  true improvements are discovered as you revisit your CD collection.

Source First, out of about 300 CD, I keep 30 or so on display, why, because they are nice recordings.

Amongst them are Patricia Barbara, Companion Gold HDCD. For some reason, It never really measured up with Normal Red Book 16 Bit, properly done recordings, like Diana Krall/Love Scenes. But, I just love that cut, Touch of Trash!

Well!!!!!!, the extra cash, I forked out for this CD, is finally paying dividends!

In closing, Yep, you were right Christopher_M!

The New VAM 1202, did improve SQ. 

That's what we do:

Spend thousands of dollars for minute improvements, that aren't dectable by the Norm! But Remember, we aren't the Norm! LOL....

Enjoy your Music, the Why!



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