John Martyn - Solid Air Abbey Road half speed remaster

Its been out about a year now but still available. I'm after a decent vinyl mastering/pressing and this looks promising has anyone heard it and would like to share their findings?
Sorry, I hope I haven't duplicated any previous thread but I couldn't find anything specifically on the forum search.

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carruthers esq. posted:

Hi Richard

i have it and think it's fabulous, a super recording/mastering. I have nothing to compare to other than cd but I use it as a demo album when someone wants to hear vinyl when visiting. 

Thanks carruthers, there is a thread on Steve Hoffman forums which seems to generally approve of the Abbey Road Half Speed re-issues albeit with one or two posters complaining of some annoying clicks on their copies of Solid Air. I hope that's not a representative sample, any issues with your copy?
Anyway I have a sneaking suspicion that my Wife has ordered me a copy for my forthcoming Birthday

Thanks for all your helpful comments. Her indoors has indeed noted my hints and a copy of Solid Air is sitting in the rack cruelly teasing me. Why? Because some numpty white van man who didn't have his eyes on the road drove in to me at speed, sending me into orbit from my bicycle and causing a compression fracture of a vertebrae. After a few painful days in hospital I am now at him with limited mobility in a body brace and cant operate my LP12!

hopefully my eagerness to hear this new Abbey Road remaster will help motivate a timely recovery.


Thanks Clive, I've been advised at least 8 weeks in an LPSO Brace. I cant bend low enough at the moment to operate my LP12 on a knee high Sound Organisation stand, it might make for good physiotherapy exercises in due course though! In the meantime its CD only as I can operate that without crouching
Even more annoying was the fact that I was cycling on my way to see Georgie Fame when the idiot ran me over. The ever so kindly management at The wonderful  Shoreham Ropetackle Arts Centre though have given me credit for the tickets towards any future event, now that's customer service!