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The fat-ass xmas bastard thread brought to mind something I've wanted to try for ages- juice fasting.

Has anyone done this? What books are recommended? Does your stool look like a garden hose?

I feel the need to detoxify my cells.
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Try "Juice Fasting & Detoxification" by Steve Meyerowitz ISBN 1-878736-65-5 which is fairly comprehensive.

I did try it but decided fasting wasn't really for me. You will also need a decent juicer


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Is it true that Green Star/ Green Power, Champion, and Omega make the better juicers, and the names I'm familiar with (Braun, Krups, KitchenAid, Cuisinart) are junk? Some are 80 RPM, some are 8000 RPM (VTEC?). What gives?

Other issues appear to be the $250-450 prices, and that some aren't capable of juicing citrus or grasses. Are 3 varieties of juicers required to do this properly?

What's a poor juicer to do? Confused
I have a fast juicer.

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To be as fit & healthy as you can;

Eat less and well. Exercise more. Eat less meat & Dairy. Don't smoke at all (this will help your friends and family too) or drink to excess.

That works every time....no idea why we need food & diet fads. I guess it's the 'instant remedy' culture..


You want a juicer that squeezes the juice out (screw type) rather than rips it out (chopper & centrifuge). Naturally the good ones cost money. The juice has to be fresh or you lose all the vitamins etc so shop bought won't do.

Might be easier just to go on a fruit diet for a week than the full juice thing unless you want to clear your gut of solids. (I recently picked up a good cleanser in India which removed all food solids from my stomach in a very spectacular manner and I lost weight as well but it wasn't very pleasant)


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I second Tom's recommendation for Steve Meyerowitz book. I however reckon that juice fasting every now and then is great. The first two days are the hardest getting used to not eating , but after that I felt fantastic. I have fasted for 4 days. Occasionally I fast for a day. The problem is I love my food too much. I've got a Champion juicer. If you can get the chance to fast , and have the discipline, absolutely , - try it .
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