Kudos 707/808 vs ..?

I have read a bit on these speakers and they look great.  Unfortunately there seems to be no distribution at all in the US.  Also there don't seem to be any reviews comparing vs other high quality speakers.

Has anyone compared the Titans to let's say Proac D48R, K6, or K8s?  Or other good speakers?




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A lateral comparison, but I heard the Ovator S-600 and Titan 88 in a friend's room. Lots of glass and hard surfaces. Comparable in clarity and resolution, but the Kudos played warmer with better overall tonal balance and their isobaric bass was nicely tight. I suppose you might consider the S-600 or S-800 as contenders, but again, good luck finding a dealer in the US that has them in stock. It's big bucks to spend on speakers and I'd stick strictly to what I could home demo as the room interaction is key.

Kudos is now being distributed in the USA again. Next Level HiFi just picked up the entire Kudos line including the Titan models as the 1st USA retailer. They are located in the Chicago area ( Wayne, IL). They are also a Naim dealer. Owner Tyler Mueller is a great person to deal with.

sjbabbey posted:

Currently waiting to home demo a pair of Kudos 606s to upgrade from my S20s on the end of NDS/252/300DR.

We have very similar systems and I too am considering the 606s so would be very interested in  your thoughts on them from your home demo.

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