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Next Level Audio in Chicago is now the first dealer in the US to carry the full line of Kudos  speakers. I am really looking to hearing the 707’s and 808’s. Next Level is also a Naim dealer. Tyler,the owner is a great resource and I could not recommend a dealer more highly.👍👍

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Interesting...he has been a big Dynaudio dealer for quite some time. I have not been to his new shop but did visit his prior showroom a few times. Very nice guy and a great Naim resource  

Great that Kudos has a proper dealer here in the US-they should make quite a splash!


Next Level Audio is the U.S distributor and no other dealers are listed. Looks like a bit of a work in progress but gotta start somewhere. Be interesting to see how they do against the competition. A huge market if they can get some traction. Would love to hear them myself if they get out to Southern California.........maybe Gene Rubin or Venice Audio. Good luck.

I still have the Kudos X2s and the Kudos Super 20s. I've gone from NaitXS -> 202/200 -> 282/250 -> 552/300 and now to 552/500. During all this, the Kudos were a constant in the system. Gone through tonnes of gear, but the kudos were a constant in my systems.

The Super 20s totally outgunned even the Ovator 600s. Even at the end of the 552/500, the ovators sounded shut in at the top frequencies compared to the super 20s powered just with 552/300s (and even 282/250s).

The Super 20s just go outclassed at the 500 level. Time for the 606s or 707s - Trip to Chicago is in order.

It will be good to see Tyler again - had a great time at Axpona listening to the wonderful Danish speakers - good as they were (35K?), I wasn't planning on trading the Kudos for them.

The Kudos X2 with UnitiQute are super engaging.

My understanding of the situtation last time around was that 
a) Fidelis was a pain to deal with
b) there was some issues with Canadian vs. US distributors..

Anyway - glad that Tyler is the distributor (congrats!)

(Also, I'm glad there is a US distributor carrying Kudos - it'll be easier for me to trade in the Super 20s for the 606/707s with more folks interested in the Kudos). :-)

Gated HiFi Distribution is a new company they created for distribution.  Next Level remains the name of their retail business.  Same address for both.

I believe they will be adding 3-4 brands for distribution in the near future.

I'm hoping that they will sell Chord Electronics soon. The Chord distributor will be demoing their stuff next week. I'm anxious to hear what Tyler thinks of the Blu2/Dave combo. I have Dave and have been waiting for 12 weeks for my Blu2 to be delivered.  Very popular item.


OK, rub it in.

What’s playing on your Mu-So?  I’m listening to 1,000 Classical Hits from a UK Internet station on mine.  Naim has better choices than Aurender so I sit here listening to a device that costs less than 1% of my fancy system.  As Naim says, source matters.

The good news from Arizona is that the Snow Birds have left. The bad news is it’s Monsoon Season and we have high dew points to go with our 100+ temps.



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