LG users - help with lip sync

Still not quite got the lip sync right on my LG tv. Wondering if anyone can help me tweak it better.

I use optical out from the TV into my NDX and from there it plays through the Chord Hugo.

Digital tv (I only use Freeview for live tv) seems to be ok, but I have lip sync issues with DVDs/BRs and Netflix.

I've tinkered with the LG sync control function for use with external speakers but I can't get it quite right. It's not too bad but it gnaws away at my OCD.

Any more tips or shall I just keep tinkering/live with it?

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Have you tried running optical out from the devices that plays the dvds and Netflix ?

I had similar problems using my Skybox, which even though has some sync control I just couldn't get it right.   Putting the digital audio output of the Skybox into my ndac - instead of the digital audio output from the tv ( and with some tinkering in the Skybox sync control ) cured it.

My bedroom system is built around a UnitiQute 2 that's connected to my Panasonic Plasma TV's optical output. As Panny Plasmas don't have any sort of Lipsync adjustment feature for their digital output, I ended up getting a Felston DD740 Digital Audio Delay box. It's connected as follows:

Panasonic Plasma --toslink--> Felston DD740 --coax--> W4S Remedy Reclocker --coax--> UQ2

100ms of audio delay works perfectly in my setup in most cases. The DD740 has a remote that supports saved delay presets, and on the fly adjustments, in case that is required. Note that it supports up to 96KHz sample rates. That's fine for me as the Panny has the typical TV digital out sample rate of 48KHz.

Highly recommended.

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