Loudspeaker audition booked

Yetizone posted:

Interesting. I think speaker choice has to be the most personal and subjective of all components in the chain and quite hard to get right - plus room acoustics and boundary restrictions to add complications!

When you hear set of speakers that grab your attention and don’t get in the way of the music, or their flaws draw attention to themselves, then its a lovely thing and to be embraced - it must have been very satisfying to end the search.

Look forward to thoughts when they arrive - and perhaps a comparison with the Rega floor standers too.

Agreed, choosing speakers is definitely the most difficult choice to make.  I've sort of taken a bit of a gamble I guess as I've not carried out a home audition. But I know my room and I've got a good idea what will work. Very confident the SCM11 will deliver a stellar performance once properly run in. 

Yes absolutely I'll definitely be comparing them to the Rega. Just have to wait for 4 weeks first. Which will inevitably go rather slow I would assume.


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