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In a spasm of Christmas Spirit, my young protege and I sent the now-his wounded Mercian back to the factory for a re-do.   I bought this bike used for $300 in 1977.

Shipping a bike across the pond these days is not a trivial exercise. 

They do some cool stuff.

It will have been cheaper to replace it with a modern bike, but steel is now cool in the bike world and now he loves it too.  

Fingers crossed this ends well.  Stay tuned.  Merry Christmas.

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Interesting. Mostly traditional steel frames by the look of the website. Certainly a very old british bike brand.

I own 2 custom steel frames, a lugless fillet brazed Burls made from Columbus Zona that has seen service as a winter hack for a number of years but was recently retired and a Zullo Vergine stainless steel (Columbus XCR) that is both a thing of beauty and a delight to ride. Very distinctively different to my two other road frames in Ti/carbon respectively.

Modern steel frames for road and MTB definitely have had a resurgence. Not too expensive compared to exotics, easy to customise and with good design and build still relevant performance. Don't have to be completely retro style either.


Mercian bikes are lovely, and the company still do very high quality work. For me steel bikes are still the best - ride quality, durability and looks! Carbon frames are so vulnerable to damage, often completely unseen to the naked eye but resulting in potentially dangerous weaknesses, and are difficult to repair, I doubt very much that 40 year old carbon frames will be refurbishable like vintage steel frames are nowadays!

I do love my stainless steel bike (and my carbon Parlee is a thing of wonder) but if I absolutely had to have just one bike made for me that did everything I wanted, in all seasons, and also would last me an age it would be made from Ti. I have a semi-custom Ti bike now that is a brilliant all-rounder.

I'm not sure carbon is as fragile as all that if well built and designed but if I had to choose a single bike that could stand all abuse it would be Ti.

My Ti bike will outlive me, and probably the next generation too!


Good luck with the Mercian Skip.  They are not always the friendliest of people at Mercian so I hope the repairs are received with happiness.

Old steel bikes are highly addictive.  I built up a late 1985 Colnago Master Piu a few years ago with precise period Campy C Record.  This led to a 1971 Cinelli that I have ridden at a few Eroicas.  Now I also have  a 1962 Merlin and a couple of boxes of interesting components for a build.

The bikes to come include a curly Hetchins and a space frame Moulton.  But I need to decide if I will part with some of the other bikes first.....



The Mercian should be back in a couple of weeks.   So far so good.   They have been easy to work with.   They recommended against doing any substantial upgrades because the wheels are the old school 27's and nobody rides them any more.    I just looked at a Moots Ti bike but it was beyond my budget.   Maybe someday.

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