Monitor Audio Platinum PL100 Speakers

Bob, you may come across the old mantra that MA and Naim don't mix and indeed that may have been true of the older MA lines. It certainly is not true of modern MA speakers and I have been delighted with mine which I have been using throughout my recent Naim journey, some 8 years.

I keep telling myself I need to upgrade these speakers but they just keep delivering the goods through all source and amp upgrades.

Good luck with your research but there may be no PL100 users on here.

I’ve heard the Gold line 200 model I think and really liked them. Also heard the gold 50 and 100 and thought both had great low end for their size. That dealer doesn’t carry the platinum line or at least last time o was there. I may have to go back and check if he is carrying them now. The guy I bought my Dyn Contour 20 from had the larger PL floorstander and said it was the best speaker he’s ever had. He didn’t have Naim however. I know none of this answers your question but just some thoughts I had. 

Heard them a few times at the dealers over the years on the end of Arcam. Naim, Linn and Parasound Halo amps.   Like Kef Reference's but with a much sweeter tweeter, higher resolution and mids.

always lusted over them. A true modern classic imo.  Enjoy. 

Thanks everyone I’m home alone tonight so before and after the football I will give them a good test. 

I’m ready to try some good stand mounted speakers and these PL100 certainly fit the bill, small very articulate, lots of low end and beautiful top ends through the ribbon tweeters. 

If I decide to keep them I have some spare Nac A5 to make some jumpers with   

Yes, I really like the characteristics of the ribbon tweeters on the GX300s, smooth but articulate.

I used to use NACA5 speaker cables and jumpers with my MAs and they both worked very well but have since moved on to SuperLumina. BTW Bob, if you can't be ar**d to make up NACA5 jumpers, they often come up on fleabay at very reasonable prices and these have usually been made up by dealers, so worth checking, particularly if your soldering skills are similar to mine!

Had both Gold 100 and Gold 200 on SU then 272+250DR. They are fantastic speakers and share the exact same ribbon tweeter with the PL1 series. Very fast and detailed, especially when factoring the price in. The built quality is to die for as well. However, I always found them more suited for high-end cinema scenarios. After upgrading from SU to 272+250DR I felt I should upgrade the speakers as well to ProAc D48R or PMC 25.26 as a match.

But without any doubt in my mind, they are absolutely above S3.4 SQ wise. And as a tip, their crossover is on the bottom, easy accessible and easy upgradable to Mundorfs and alike...

I have a pair of relatively lowly Silver RS6s on the back of a NAP250DR.  As I've said in another thread, I'm considering changing them, but I'm loathe to do that as I find them absolutely amazing.

I'm not sure what it is about the Monitor Audio brand, as they don't seem to be that popular amongst audiophiles, yet they are really good speakers that are worth an audition.

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