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I recently upgraded to a Nova .Identified various albums to listen to in 24 bit quality and all was good.I have just noticed that all these masters albums are now only showing and playing at 16 bit quality .I am very confused as to what has happened.I had the free tidal for 90 days which has now finished?.The App recently updated? .

My Mac has a hardwire  connection and I have naim app set to Hifi.

Could it be due to either of above.Is it a software issue or me missing something obvious? 

My Mac and Nova are hardwired to router and naim app set to Hifi 


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As Naim does not offer MQA support, the App is not able to access any of the MQA Masters, even in non-unfolded 24/48 format, and defaults back to the 16/44.1 versions.

Connect through Roon, and the Tidal Masters are played correctly without any unfolding, so 24/48 and then when Roon adds ‘1st unfold, the Tidal Masters will be played upto 24/96.


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As Naim does not offer MQA support

This surprised me when I read it a few weeks ago, as I assumed as Tidal is integrated that it would have supported better than CD quality - I think I read that previously the devices were showing the wrong bitrate/resolution and were always playing CD quality, it just displayed the higher quality figures!

And it is quite amazing how seeing 16 rather than 24 on the screen affects perception of SQ. 

This is not a dig, I upsample to DSD 512 and I’m sure I’d hear a difference if it suddenly appeared as DSD 256 ( but I wouldn’t be as sure I could detect this difference blind). 


Thanks for the replies which have helped clarify a few issues for me


i totally agree.when I listened previously I didn’t notice any difference between the displayed 16 and 24 bit recordings as they were being listed on the naim/tidal app.I guess I just wanted to believe there was a difference.

Now I need to decide whether to sign up to Roon and what subscription path to follow.Will it make a significant difference to my listening  experience and will it be worth the investment .


I think Roon is great, but wouldn’t recommend it purely on its current MQA handling. 

Roon is expected to have a first unfold of MQA at the next upgrade so perhaps wait until then to redeem  the code you got with your Nova. You should then be getting (at least) the MQA equivalent of 24/96. 


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Does anyone have any details of a Nova Roon/Naim promo code that SJB mentions in a post above?


A code was sent out upon registering your Uniti player with Naim sometime last year when they incorporated the Roon RAAT engine in the firmware - unsure if promotion is still running but try Naim support to se if you can get a link.

I think it was 90 days or 3 months.

I made the mistake of signing up for a year with a few weeks of the promo still to run and got billed immediately not as I expected at the end of the promo period, so if you like it wait until the end of the free trial.

Virtually as soon as I signed up however I accidentally drowned my MacBook Pro with some festive cheer - Roon were excellent and refunded me in full, and also said they'd be happy to give me another free trial when I got a replacement set up, so I had another 30 day free trial later on and I've signed up again now.

I don't always use it but it does things I like enough for me to try it for a year and see.

D2381D66-6597-453D-AA7B-0CE48F5E1246Roon 1.5 has been released today and does the first MQA unfold. This generally gives you a 48 bit file at 96k. 

Plus Roon now defaults to showing the highest resolution Tidal album available which means if it’s a MQA file this is what you will see, rather than all the different resolutions.

@Toffeeman Now’s the time for your trial!





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I am Chomping  at the bit to see what Roon is like with the upgrade .Unfortunately I am caught in that netherworld of deciding what to use as the Roon core .Do I place it on my IMac or invest in a NAS or by a ssd external drive to link to my Mac .Feel like I’m caught between a rock and a hard place deciding.The more I read the more confused I feel.

After several days listening to MQA via Roon on my Nova I am very pleased with it. It seems a real step forward - the terms that spring to mind are authority and clarity. Certainly a very welcome free upgrade - Grateful Dead at Cornell has never sounded better