Muso firmware 1.3 problem

Hi, I'm probably very much in the minority here with my issue, but here goes...I use a Windows application called Tuneblade to stream audio from a Surface tablet to my Muso. Everything was working fine until I updated to firmware 1.3 - the audio breaks up and stutters no matter what the audio source (youtube, spotfiy, tidal etc). I also have an Apple airport express router configured as an airplay receiver and it works just fine receiving audio from Tuneblade. I did a factory reset of the Muso after the firmware update and also updated the firmware on my router just in case, but no joy. I'm just wondering now if it is possible to revert to the older firmware and reflash the Muso? Thanks in advance

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It is possible to roll back but I only know how to do this on an iDevice. It's done via the Room(s) screen. Tapping on the row of dots below the device listed for a room shows a screen giving details of the IP address and if the Mu-So is up to date. At the foot of the screen is a caption "SHOW OLD VERSIONS" which is what you tap on to list previous FW versions. You can select an old FW version to revert to from here.


If the roll back doesn't work after a couple of attempts on a wireless Mu-So, inserting a temporary cable between Mu-So and router (or switch) should do the trick.

Hi All, 


The issue with TuneBlade has been looked into and is in progress in finding a solution. 


For now if you wish to rollback the code to v1.2, Harry is absolutely correct in the method via the app. This is the same if using the app on an Android device. 


If you need more guidance on how to roll back then please feel free to message back


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