dang - after about 8 years of working nicely (after naim early on replaced half the innards under warranty), the picture appears to have gone kaput. (I will try scart to see if it’s the component connection that has failed). The sound seems to work but I either had two pictures or nothing

So, is it possible to get naim to look at it or do they not support any more?

where do I even begin to replace it if it cannot be repaired? Am currently having a room built to put it in with a projector (hopefully finished around Easter) so the timing isn’t great. Have full n-system speakers to go with it so def want to keep them in any event but I have never before had to consider replacing the n-Vi

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I think Naim gave up trying to repair n-Vis a couple of years ago. They had a go at sorting mine but the fault recurred. I think the problem is availability of spares rather than willingness on Naim's part. I somewhat reluctantly accepted defeat and got an Arcam.

Mind you if you've had 8 years out of yours I think you've done well.

It's a long time since i had an n-Vi but i'm wondering, as it just seems to be only the video output that has gone, whether you could get yourself a new DVD/Bluray player for the video side and feed the digital out into the n-Vi to do the sound decoding and amplification duties. Later on If anything else fails on the n-Vi then you could replace it with a dedicated AV processor / amp. 



With the benefit of hindsight I think it would be fair to say Naim's foray into home cinema was a brief one and they lost interest once they got the scent of streaming which has left owners of their few albeit excellent home cinema products up the proverbial creek .......'and never mind the paddle, they haven't even got a canoe'

I too was interested in the nVi and can well remember the advert which centred around some fella looking thoroughly fed up because he didn't own an nVi. Well, if that young man is still acting, or perhaps he was a Naim employee, he can be cheered up a bit now at the thought of having not shelled out a couple of grand for a 21st century door-stop.



I don't think they lost interest - AV and integration of this into the main Hi-Fi was quite a big thing at the time so it made sense for Naim to offer this in the range. The DVD5, AV2 and n-Vi were very good and whilst my n-Vi was a real PITA.  it did genuinely deliver a very involving performance for films. Things moved on in the AV world...

You could say the same about the Naim streaming products and the new Uniti product line. I can't see these having the long life serviceability that the amplifier products have.  A sign of the times I suppose.

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