N272/250/Uniti Core and Kudos Super 20s...how to add Home Theatre? ideas....

We are due to move house in the next few months and will need to move from three rooms downstairs to two (larger) rooms. 

Unfortunately this means that our separate music room will no longer be available (bad news) so will have to be integrated into a larger (good news) room including a TV and other watchy things. 

At present my AV Audio is based around a Pioneer VSX-A-1019 (possibly) and Kef eggs (6 of them around the room) and an REL subwoofer..

Ideally I want to use the Kudos speakers as the front left and right channels in any future set up but then struggle to think my way around anything else....

I have considered Arcam processors and additional amps to keep an appropriate quality level but would appreciate any and all suggestions...

i will be talking with my local dealer when we move but thought I would put this out there on a cold Sunday afternoon..

Thanks in advance


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I was in a similar situation and following advice given via this forum I opted for an MRX520

Great piece of kit, not interested in Atmos etc. so this works well as a one box solution

I use Kudos C20s front (driven by the Naim), PMC Twenty C as centre & C1s the rear

Thanks ROBGR,

Anthem is not a widely known brand in the UK (although they do seem to have a distributor) - my Naim dealer also stocks Arcam kit so that was why I was veering that way initially..

Your speaker suggestions are really interesting too so I will definitely audition them soon..

Thanks for sharing your experience..it has definitely given me food for thought!


While the Arcam is undoubtedly good, it depends what speakers you use with it if it will be over the top.  Denon, Marantz, Pioneer and Onkyo are alternatives and while they may not sound quite as good the limitation is more with music than movies (IMO).

Essentially what you need is a AV Receiver with pre-amp outputs.  The outputs from the "front" channels of your AVR connect to one of the analogue inputs on the NAC-N 272; that input is set for "fixed level".  If you run the auto-setup then the levels will be balanced all round.  You could look at a processor and add a Naim NAP175 (second hand) for centre and 1 set of surrounds (a second NAP155 for a second set) or a pair of NAP100 might be cheaper / easier to get hold of; but you may not notice much improvement.  One possibility you could consider if if you have a "simple" setup (not too many sources) is a Oppo bluray or 4kUHD player which has a single HDMI input and variable output - fronts to your NAC-N 272 and get a NAP155 or alternative for centre and surrounds.

An Arcam AVR390 is around £2000 while a Denon AVR-X3400H with similar functionality (albeit without Atmos support and the Arcam has superior DIRAC room correction) is around £600.  The small Marantz NR1508 (or NR1608 if you want 7.1 vs 5.1) is a good option for a smaller unit which still have pre-outputs for the front channels.

Ideally you want the front three speakers to match as close as possible - but afaik Kudos don't do any centre speakers so you'll need to find something which matches as far as possible.  You can then use your existing KEF Eggs as rear / surround and possible ceiling mounted speakers for Atmos; or get a pair of different surrounds as you prefer.

This is all essentially what I have - a NAC-N 272 and NAP 200 with Arcam AVR400 front channels fed to the 272 and a Cambridge Audio bluray.  Complication with it will be upgrading to 4k as I don't feel it really lacking in audio quality... but thats a different story and unrelated to your needs.

Not sure any of this is worth it. Probably best to just turn subtitles on and enjoy the sound via two channels. Maybe through in a subwoofer to the mix.

I did go down the AV receiver route - lasted about a week - just too much cabling mess - and then not possible to get Naim quality - until you spend Naim $$ on AV gear.

None of it any great problem.  If you don't know how, I refer you to my FAQ on this subject.  Look in the FAQ bit of this forum for

Stereo and AV integration


if your current AV amp has preamp outs, you could just use that (at least for now) and see how it goes - zero cost option.

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