NAC 32.5 dual railed

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first post on forum so apologies if I'm in the wrong area. I'm just putting together a vintage Naim system from early 80's. so far I have a NAP 250 a NAC 32.5 and SNAPS . unfortunately no cables. My question is the NAC 32.5 has a 5 pin DIN for the output see attached photograph. I'm assuming this means it is dual railed. before I go out and buy the relevant 4 pin to 5 pin cable. how do I confirm the pre amp is dual railed.

I assume the SNAPS out to NAP 250 is a straight forward DIN to XLR cable


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The 2 classic Naim amps that I enjoyed in the 1980s were a 32/snaps/250 and a 32.5/hicap/250.

If I remember correctly, the 32 was single railed, so suited the snaps single rail supply.  The 32 went back to Naim for an upgrade and returned as a 32.5, the dual rail version that was designed to harness the newly launched hicap dual rail supply.

This should answer your question.

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thank you so much. is there anyway I can confirm this . got no issue taking the cover off and having a look.

Looking forward to running it up. All I need now is a pink triangle deck with a 774 arm and esprit cartridge and a pair of Celestion SL6000 with subs and Ill be back with my first system in the early 80's



It sounds like you indeed have the duel rail version of the 32 pre amp (32.5).

Unless  your SNAPS had been modified for dual rail (most were/are single rail), you will have to fit a 5 pin blanking plug on the back of the pre where the snake would be fitted. Doing this  makes the 4 pin port available (electricly) for a four pin snake.

Hope this makes sense



If you google image ‘Naim blanking plug’...

It would fit into the last port on your 32.5 (looking at it from the back). It’s a 5 pin plug...

This assumes your SNAPS is single rail, not dual rail. From your description it sounds like you bought your pre amp and SNAPS from different persons or stores. Is this the case?

The 32.5 was meant to be used a dual rail supply. That was the reason for the .5.

The plug was a provision to use the 32.5 without a dual rail supply, and its use enables the 4 pin port on the back of the pre amp. If you don’t have the plug this port will not work. (Need to read carefully the description on the back to identify the correct ports when making connections).

Hope this helps