NAC 52 Supercap - a preamp for 2 systems?

My Nac 52 Supercap is connected to an active setup, second Supercap, Snaxo 242, IBLS. Can I simultaneously have the Nac 52 Supercap connected to another power amp, say a 250? I would like to leave them all connected but would plan to only have one power amp set up turned on at any time. Any help?

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stuart.ashen posted:

Rather than power a second NAP I just open all the doors in my house and turn the sound up...

I know, my coat, yes...

It’s saved me from buying a QB for the kitchen, though when it comes to spare amps they just seem to happen every time I upgrade.


Run a 4 pin snaic from an additional output on the supercap that powers your 52 to the additional amp.  The added load on the supercap will be negligible as all three outputs sockets are already setup to each carry a load.  Totally fine connection wise but as stated you may or may not impact sound quality.  


I used to do this with my old home, where my main active NBL with 3x250's was the main system, then I had a 140 running speakers in the kitchen. I wasn't aware of any sound quality degredation when the 140 was connected.
I ran CAT5 with an infrared extender so I could control the volume etc from the kitchen.

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