NACA5 Longer Length & Chord Ohmic

So have gone from a well run in 4 meter length of A5 to 6M new style with text in the middle, was mainly due to room setup, I wanted to move to Nova further away.

Whilst they were being soldered I opted for the Chord Ohmic plugs at the speaker end, Naim plugs of course at the amp end.

Overall a very different presentation, much more authoritative and more low level detail, a bit rough but assume many 100hrs of run in is required.

So unsure if the 2m extra of new A5 is to thank of the Ohmic plugs or a bit of both 🤔🤔🤔

Only jobs left to do, as it is too damn hot, is dressing to make some U style turns for the excess and then maybe route the A5 through the Focal stands (all perfectly setup and did not want to disrupt).

Oh daft question amp end as long as my red is red, amp to speaker, there is no right / left channel, is there ...

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Phew managed late last night to properly route the A5 through the Focal stands and end up with one large u bend and one small.

I must admit the Focal cable integration really does look very cool and has a HIGH WAF, plus cable dressing and avoiding mains and other cables is much easier.

Obsydian posted:

... the sheer improvement in authority leads me to think the longer A5 is to thank.

That was my experience too. In hindsight, trying the recommended minimum length of 3.5m NAC A5 speaker cable was not a good idea at all on my system and wasted money.

I went 6M but to be honest read a thread with Richard and others saying 7M was a good sweet spot, but in my setup 6M was a good balance of longer but not too much cable u turns to hide excess.

That said I do feel the Chord plugs are helping.

Can't wait until the NACA5 is fully run in.

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