naim 250 with nac 272

Hi everyone
I wanted to ask the friends of the forum this question:
do you think it is right to replace the nac 282 with the most recent nac 272?
my final is nap 250 dr
if possible can you tell me the assembly between the two? (nap 250 with nac 272).
thank you all

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Pino, the 272 is a pre amp/streamer in one box, whereas the 282 is just a pre amp, although more capable than the pre amp section in the 272, but with no streamer section.

The 282 also needs a power supply, whereas the 272 does not but benefits if you do add one.


The 272 is a terrific pre-amp all rounder, and if you buy it with the FM/DAB module - you've pretty much got all bases covered. The 250DR is an excellent match (I also used it with a 200 - and it wasn't as good) BUT you really do need an XPSDR as a minimum to heard the 272 at its best. However, as others have pointed out there are better dedicated pre-amps in the NAIM range and the 282 is certainly one of them; but you wont get all the functions and goodies you get in the 272. Best you listen to both pre-amps. Any decent NAIM dealer should be able to do this for you. Enjoy choosing!! 



The 272 has some nice features like app control and a better volume control than the 282 IMO

I doubt it is a match performance wise to a 282 (though I had to go to 252 to really better the 272)

 If you already have a 282 and want to go to streaming / reduced box count the 272 is a bargain ... especially with the keen prices that are out there at the moment .. both new and used 

Depends on cost (272/250 is expensive, 282/250 + periferals and streamer if required is very, very expensive). Box count and space may also be a consideration. I'm happy with 272 /250 as cost, box count and the law of deminishing returns were a consideration. Would I be happy with a better system? Well yes. Can I at present justify the cost and box count? Only if I win a large lottery sum. My thoughts are, set a realistic budget and listen to all permutations within that budget. Also listen to possible long-term upgrades such as power supply's although that's another box. Rich 

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