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AussieSteve posted:

Take care HH, I enjoy your comments. Just 5 minutes ago on the nightly news an 80yo crashes through a building, AGAIN, this happens here in Australia a bit too often lately. Hope all goes well mate.

Blimey! You would have thought they'd have taken his license away by now.

HH, all the best and a speedy recovery. I believe that the DVLA are looking into the matter of of drivers who are not medically fit to drive for various reasons

At the moment it is generally down to the driver to inform the DVLA of any medical reasons that they cannot drive it looks as if Doctors will be able to inform them in the future.

I had my license revoked last year due to Diabetic eyesight problems but it was up to me to inform the DVLA of this matter if I hadn't done so I could still be driving, seems strange in these days of the massive Health and Safety Umbrella.

Anyway hope you recover soon and can get back to enjoy your Naim system.


Having come off my bike last week taking avoiding action when a van driver pulled across my path I can sympathise with you HH , though I was lucky enough to only lose the skin off my arm and have lots of pretty purplish decorations on my leg and shredded shirt & trousers: could so easily have been worse, as your experience shows. I'll quit moaning about my discomfort and wish you a speedy mend.

Hungryhalibut posted:

Sorry to disappoint you but I'm in hospital with a fractured skull, having been knocked off my bike, so cannot cope with sarky comments. Unless I'd had CPR from one of Emsworth's wonderful first responders I wouldn't be here at all, and I feel very lucky to have what I have. 

*****! All the best for a speedy and comfortable recovery!

Very scary, Nigel, and I speak as a fellow road cyclist. Near misses happen constantly - just yesterday a crazy driver just had to push past me and my partner, cutting in very close and forcing the bus coming in the opposite direction to come to a complete halt. At least the driver saved him/herself a few seconds! Anyhow it sounds a very bad accident and I am pleased to hear you are patched up - dull hospital may be, but better to be bored and alive with the prospect of going home soon! I hope all goes well and you are able to get the bike insurance sorted out - replacing the bike will be something to look forward to!

Oh dear, sorry to hear that Nigel. It sounds extremely familiar as the same thing happened to me in July 1987. I was knocked off as I was cycling uphill past a van parked on the grass off the side of the road when the driver decided to open the door. Fractured skull, ruptured eardrum etc. All because I wasn't wearing a helmet. Three days in hospital, two weeks off work, then 29 years of impaired balance and very sensitive hearing in my right ear. All too familiar.

Get well soon, Nigel. We look forward to your contributions to this forum.

Regards, CB

Very sorry to hear about your misfortune HH. Sincere wishes for a speedy return to full health, and to listening to music. I am a lifelong cyclist, racing, commuting, and now, off road cycling. My brother is still off sick after a hip fracture, which he sustained when a motorist knocked him from his bike 13 weeks ago. I've had a few shunts myself, but non resulting in an injury as serious as yours.



Hungryhalibut posted:

As I had a seizure, which the DVLA treat like an epileptic fit, it seems highly likely that I won't be able to drive for six to 12 months. Luckily I go to work on the train, when they are not on strike. 

Blimey, Nigel. That sounds awful - the accident, not the prospect of going to work on the train (though that's no fun with Southern). Makes me wonder again about the risks of enjoying my bike rides.  Anyway, I'm impressed that despite a serious accident you've got the ability and enthusiasm to still be posting on here.

Like others, I wish you a speedy recovery.

One final thought, as the accident was the OAP's fault, perhaps you should engage one of those ambulance-chasing law firms and pursue his insurance company for damages. Might finance an upgrade from XPSDR to 555PSDR on your 272    



Nigel, just seen this after a very busy few days away from the forum.

Scary stuff indeed. I too have had a seizure and was banned from driving until a brain scan gave me the all clear. A worrying time and I hope all goes well.

You must however draw some comfort from the many, many well wishes from all on here (including me). The warmth and appreciation  shown in the above comments is testament to the value us forumites hold in the sage advice you provide.

So get well soon and I look forward to your continued 'to the point' comments on here.

All the best from a fellow Nigel.

Some years ago I was on my bike first in line at a stoplight, in the middle of the lane as the law required, and when the light turned green the car behind me tried to drive right over me before I could even begin to pedal.  Luckily it hadn't time to build any speed and tho the bike was totaled  I was just pitched to the ground with minor cuts and abrasions.  The driver was in his mid 20s, he had his young son in the car with him, and told the police he didn't see me.  I'm 6 foot and weighed 220 pounds at the time, rather hard to miss I would have thought.  But it's not only the geriatric set who are a danger...

Best wishes for a rapid and complete recovery!

Congrats on passing the first test (survival), and the second (no massive brain damage).
Best wishes for the future and hopes for no long term complications.

This puts many peoples gripes into perspective, showing them for little more than minor annoyances by comparison.  You're another of the 'personalities' on this forum who'd be sadly missed!

All the best for a speedy recovery HH. Hope you get home soon for some therapeutic music indulgence therapy!

As others have mentioned, the behaviour of many motorists around cyclists leaves a lot to be desired. We live in a country area with lots of cyclists. I frequently have to take evasive action when a car on the other side of the road overtakes a cyclist close to a blind bend.


Nigel - very sorry to hear about your injury. I hope you get better soon.

I do believe there should be more attention on aged drivers. My father continued driving into his late 70s, and wouldn't listen to us telling him he was dangerous - his eyesight and reaction time were scary. It took a very minor accident to make him listen, and in the end we almost forced him to stop before he hurt someone.

The degradation in capability can be slow and hard to perceive in oneself, and habit and pride play a part. It wouldn't be a bad thing to force everyone to retest at 70. It also wouldn't be a bad thing to force everyone to retest every ten years anyway, as I'm sure we all fall into bad habits.

Anyway, I hope you're back to getting full enjoyment from your 272 soon.

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