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It seems that you are still rather keen on the Nait, though, and nothing wrong with that. 


Yes, rather keen It makes me want to play more music rather than play something to see how clear and clever my HiFi sounds  Same goes for the 72/140 in that regard too. Working from home, I do get through a lot of vinyl each day.

That sounds ideal to me - forget about the Hi-Fi equipment, and 'the sound it makes'; instead, just maximum enjoyment from the music.  

I don't wanna bore everyone with my comparisons so will wrap it up here by saying the Nait 1 beats the LK Majik-I, for my ears anyway. Majik-I is definitely more tuneful, so it's easier to follow an individual instrument and appreciate any musicianship. However, in regards to the key area for me, I can follow multiple instruments with greater ease using the Nait, so the music as a whole makes more sense, which seems to be more important to my overall enjoyment of music. Each to their own and all that. Long live the Nait 1   Thanks for everyone's input. Really appreciate it.

Great Thread! Not boring at all. I Wonder what you would make if the nait 2: )

I have been through many amps as well: Nait 5i, Nait 2, 202-200, supernait 1, Nac 12-160 and now 82-250.2.The Nac 12-160 is really something when it comes to nerve and prat. It was JV favorite when it comes to musicality, I think. The 82-250.2 is really something. It has a very energetic and leading edge style, like the naits, but it also offer enormously more insight than the others. The 82 is newly serviced by Darran. I did not think it would be as ‘warm’ sounding as it does. I power the neat Iota alpha with them, which I truly love.



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...It was JV favorite when it comes to musicality, I think...

I'm sure it was, when it was current, yes.  

And if in good fettle it's still a great sounding combination, as I can attest with my own factory serviced vintage set. However, let's not get too rose-tinted and think that was the apex and it was all downhill from there. The kit got better and better, otherwise there wouldn't have been much point in further development.  What is remarkable though is just how good it is amongst other kit of the time, and how it still does its thing.

OK, I failed, just one last update.

Got an unserviced Exposure XV and really like it, tuneful but not analytical like the Majik-I. However, the bass seemed a bit odd, perhaps slightly out of tune with the rest, or slightly behind the beat. Good sound and quite a lot of grunt, although not up with Nait 5i.

Today I borrowed an unserviced Creek 4140 S1. This is like a poor man's Nait 1 in a way. It's the only other amp so far that seems to really wants to boogie like the Nait 1. It doesn't bring the music together in such a magical way and seems slightly out of tune compared to most, but for £100 on ebay you can't really complain  

No more amps coming, thank god. It looks like a 2nd hand hifi store here.

Update away!

Again, servicing might be an issue with the Exposure, as well as the 72 etc., but I understand that when simply trying things, you don't want to add further to the costs of items that you may come to sell again.

FWIW, I rather liked the XV (and Farlowe era Exposure in general - one of the better alternatives to Naim, IME). Then again, i also liked the Creek 4140s2, too.

Of course, there's still the Nait 2, Nait3, CB and other Olive pre/powers, NVA...

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I'd love a CB Nait 2 but can't really justify the cost to myself. If only I'd realised all this 10 years ago

What's NVA like?

Long time since I heard any, but, IIRC, while a 'touch bracing' tonally (but not bright or hard), it offered a very coherent, fluent, finely detailed musical performance.

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