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The problem is that although the errors are fundamental to the app, they are affected in an unpredictable manner by all the components in the rest of the network .

The dealer won't be able to guess which particular combinations of network components will work with which Android devices and which versions of the Naim app (and even then it can all change when Naim release a new version of the app!).

I'm actually pleased that most other people don't have quite the problems I've been having with all versions of the app after 2.2.

David O'Higgins posted:
Boris786 posted:

I have a new Naim Nova, having come over from Linn. While I am pleased with the sound I am concerned over the (Android) app.

It regularly falls over and just circles. This does sort itself out and I can live with it. But it regularly loses my NAS - when I select the servers button there is nothing there.

The next/day hour servers appear and it works.

I can always use Roon and Media Monkey happily and without issue. And previously my Linn setup had very few issues over three years of use.

I have spoken to tech support at Naim: they have advised me to check on my network and await the updated android app, which apparently should appear in few weeks along with a firmware update.

But does anyone else have any ideas?


Why not just stick with Roon? So much better...

My setup is not adequate and I am not spending more just yet esp as I am streaming with Qobuz.

Really took trial to test things out. On the plus side I think I have seen a bit of an improvement in reliability.

As far as I can tell part of my issue might be accessing the NAS through Naim app on more than one device at a time but L might be '''seeing things'.

My dealer has been out to me but is as mystified as I am. Everything works fine in his showroom apparently  I know that from when I 'demoed' the Nova :-)



Naim have confirmed that they are well aware of various deficiencies in the Naim app, particularly discovery of the Media Server by the Android app, and are actively working on a solution to this.  They also acknowledge that the Andoid app simply isn't good enough overall and are making effort - including recruiting new staff - to improve the quality.

They now realise that the app is an integral part of the system and that the quality and reliability have to improve.

For 3-4 months I had no problems with the app's connection to the ND5SX and my NAS server (running Minimserver). 

But since 1-2 months I once again suffer from the app loosing connection to the ND5SX , saying "No rooms found" when I close and restart the app. The problem is that the app doesn't find the ND5SX - with app and ND5XS connected it only rarely, if ever, has been a problem finding the NAS/Minimserver. 

The drop of the connection can happen anytime, even while I'm using the app. Closing the app and restarting it doesn't help. Shutting down router does, I think, and pressing Pause and then Play on the physical remote usually does as well. 

There has been no changes to my network in this period (from when it worked reliably 99+% of the time to now when I have connection problems regularly). The app however was auto updated to 5.9. (I think it was) just about when the instability started again. 

I have mentioned this here before. I do hope that Naim will provide their customers/users with an app less sensitive to whatever it is that triggers the dropouts and prohibits reconnecting simply by restarting the app when it does fail. 


ChrisSU posted:

Did you use your own device to control the streamer at your dealers? I would hazard a guess that the issue might be your (Android?) device vs. his iPad. 

Yes thinking about it I am sure he did. Note to self is obvious.....

Let us hope improvements arrive before too long.


Obsydian posted:

I find it odd people say Android is the issue, I have both and at the moment my iPad can't even find a room, I switch to android to get going and can then use the iPad.

Still painfully slow on both o/s.

Oddly enough, I find it odd that you’d say this. I recently changed from a Nexus 6p - so a flagship-level device of its time, and totally stock Android - to an iPhone 8+.

The difference in how well the Naim app works is remarkable. No reconnection issues, no crashes when resuming the app, nothing - it just works. I now feel like I have the app I should have had all along.

It’s completely unacceptable for the answer to app woes to be to change to a different OS, but the iPhone app is definitely superior IME. 

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