Naim App (Mu So) - No 'Shuffle' Option in Tidal

Hey Guys; I think after one of the recent Naim app updates this year, I've been unable to find the 'Shuffle' function anywhere on screen when Playing albums in Tidal.  I've checked the 'Now Playing' screen and 'Playlist' screen and I don't see it either on the top right or in each of the tracks' options.

Is the option simply gone or something weird w/ the Android app?

When playing music from my NAS, the shuffle option is there; just not Tidal.  Any help would be appreciated.


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Supermotion posted:

I have the same issue, my Android App is set to shuffle and I cant turn it off.

I'm not familiar with the Android app nor with Tidal but presumably you could reset the app, or delete it and all its data and reinstall?

If the shuffle is set in the streamer then same thing, you could reset it factory settings and the shuffle should disappear.



It's a bug in the app and when I posted about it a little while ago, someone replied it would be looked at for the next update. 

If you have a NAS or other unplugandpray source set up you can get some tracks going on that then turn shuffle on. If you then go back to tidal it should be in shuffle mode.

Through doing this, I worked out that you can create on the go playlists in tidal that include tracks on your local network.

Sadly, if you just rely on tidal as your music source, you're out of luck if you want to randomise a play list.

I know tidal was a late addition, android is still seen as an unusual choice of mobile os and that the mu-so and qb are at the bottom of Naim's range of products but for a system that costs the best part of a grand and is designed to provide the most functionality when used in conjunction with an app on a mobile device, I would at the very least expect that app to work as intended and receive regular updates/bug fixes.





Well, I have several devices that I can stream from (NAS, iPod Touch, Android Phone, Android tablet), so for now I can deal.  The Naim app on my Android tablet has the shuffle / repeat buttons available.  So it looks like it's just screwed up on the phone.  I tried adjusting the orientation of the phone app to see if that would prompt the icons to show up, but so far no luck.

So for now, if I need to shuffle Tidal playlists on the mu-so I'll just have to use the iPod Touch or the tablet (or stream DLNA / Airplay from my HTC u11 directly).  Hopefully Naim will fix this issue eventually..

I repeated the suggested hack and it has worked for me. I went into upnp on the naim android app on my samsung s7edge. I picked a random playlist that my synology had generated and hit play. Then hit  the three dots and it offered a check box for 'random'. I chose it and then switched to tidal. Now my tidal playlists shuffle by default... Daft but works!

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