Naim App not showing Peter Gabriel tracks

at the Naim NAS 555 demo, we tried to play a couple of Peter Gabriel tracks from Tidal, but it appears that although the tracks appear on the Tidal apps, they do not appear on the Tidal section of the Naim app.  Peter Gabriel appear as does all of the album notes, but no tracks appear,  we tried this on about five difference devices (all iOS I think) and all were the same 

i put a support request into Tidal but the response was next to useless as I assume they only handle problems with their own apps, which there aren’t any, so I presume this is a problem with the Naim app.

any thoughts or anyone had similar issues 


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No problem here via Tidal in the Naim app.

I'm listening to Solsbury Hill as I type this. That's assuming I have the correct Peter Gabriel.

I have previously encountered artists and albums disappearing from Tidal, for example a few weeks ago I was able to stream Gillian Welch - The Harrow and the Harvest. However, a few days ago I noticed it's no longer available, which I find odd.

Not sure what to suggest as I don't understand how I can play Mr Gabriels tracks and you cannot. Very strange.

DWootton posted:

TK421, did you play a track from tracks or did you select an album.  If you do the later for albums such as Up, Us, So etc no tracks appear

at the demo, even the Naim employees could not see any tracks for the albums 

Hi Danny,

I never doubted you for a minute. (LOL)

You are totally spot on. A track from 'Tracks' works okay, but when I select an album zilch.

I seem to recall a similar thing when Van Morrisons - Rolling with the Punches album was first released, although it did actually list the tracks when you selected the album it wouldn't play any of them.

It is all very bizarre, having said that I do rather like Tidal it's very useful and convenient.

ATB with your Peter Gabriel quest.


Here in Canada, I see the album covers but no tracks are listed and (thus) nothing happens when I hit “play”. Ages ago this happened with the Kate Bush live album and I wrote to ask for help; they replied but nothing helpful actually happened other than learning the license for here had not arrived. I would like the Peter Gabriel discs to become available, as they have the German version of the melting face, which I had on LP way way back in the day and probably haven’t heard for 30 years... Fingers crossed for better luck to both of us!

Regards alan 

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