Naim cd5sx running by itself


This is my first post,hope I've used it correctly.

I own a cd5sx only a few months old and the past few days it has started running by itself.

Tried to use the remote and buttons to switch it off but nothing happens,the only way to stop it to use the rear power button.

will still play as usual after this as happened.




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Not heard that one before. It could be interference with low energy bulbs? Low energy bulbs run using a little switched mode power supply and pulse the light too fast for us to see, but sometimes, it pulses just enough to make Naim sensors register a command. I suggest you cover the Naim logo with electrical tape and see if that stops the problem. If it does, then you know the sensor is picking up an extraneous signal from somewhere.

Another culprit can be low batteries on a standard IR remote. Low batteries sometimes make a remote act strangely. It doesn't even have to be the Naim remote, any remote could send a strange signal the CD player picks up.

Just a couple of ideas,


Butt dialing the Naim gear  .  Certainly seems plausible.

It's a good practice to keep only one Naim remote on hand and store others with batteries removed -  assurance against corrosion from leaking batteries.

The Naim sensor is sensitive. My gear is behind me to the left but I get great results bouncing the remote signal off the drywall in front of me.


Thanks for comments.

The problem deteriated,whilst playing a cd it stopped mid way through and the CD players speed increased,the only way to stop it was to power down as even the front control buttons did not function.

Have returned this to my dealer and he has managed to obtain a brand new player as I've only had the player from March and was not keen to have it repaired.

I must thank my dealer "AUDIO ROOM" of Hull for fantastic customer service.

Hopefully this was just a rogue machine.

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