Naim Mu-So Remote Control - Battery Access?

How do I open the battery cover? I’ve tried sliding the bottom half down but it won’t budge.

The manual doesn’t cover this and I don’t want to force it open and risk breaking it. 

Also, what’s the SIM tool for?

Thanks for your help. 

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Hello Bazza. Use a thin plactic stick, place it in the hole below !-marked triangle. Inside is a clip that keeps the cover in place. Push gently and slide the bottom half at the same time.

Avoid using a metal tool in process. The remote is easily broken because the plastic clip is quite fragile.

Thanks, Perttu. 

I did a bit more research after posting and saw similar to what you have suggested but the damn thing will not budge and I’m exerting way more pressure than I’m comfortable with. 

I’ll give it another try but I’m disappointed that Naim could not have made this of better quality. 

I felt an idiot posting this question but I see others are experiencing the same.

Thanks for your reply. 

Success. I've managed to open it.

Not happy that I've slightly damaged the insert hole despite being as careful as I could.

Many say they don't use the remote and instead control it via the app but, to be honest, for simple operation the remote is quicker than using a mobile phone or tablet.

I used a small flat screwdriver which caused the clip to bend a little. I used my thumb to press the slidable cover while pressing the clip.

It feels like the remote is going to break so I feel your frustration. When I bought the remote I made the salesman open it for me. Today I opened it myself so I was able to guide you in the process.

Ridiculous design i must admit.

Edit. Good to hear you got it done.

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