Naim Nait 5si, lost bass punchiness and PRaT

corsuse posted:

Hi all!

I seem to have found a solution for my problem. I demoed Chord Anthem Reference as an interconnect cable and a 3m of Chord Epic Twin for the loudspeakers. The improvements were really big - more openness, detail, bass extension and more bass weight. I really liked how it sounded. The bass was considerably better with these cables - Naim seem to really shine with the right cables. Now that I've bought the interconnect which I really enjoy I'm looking for new loudspeaker cables. Although I really liked the Epic Twin I wonder if Chord Signature (the old plain version) would be an improvement over the Epic. Unfortunately, as far as I know the old Signature is not produced anymore and I can't demoed it from a local dealer. I found a good offer online and that's why it I started considering it as an option. It has a bigger gauge over the Epic Twin - 10 vs 12 which I assume can bring even more bass, however the Signature is not silver coated as opposed to the Epic Twin. Have someone of you experience with the two cables? Would the Signature be an overall improvement over the Epic Twin and would the lack of silver coating can have some impact on the details and the highs extension?

If you didn't try you wouldn't know. Apparently it's not the Nait 5SI that needs some time to break in but the speaker cable that's the culprit to the less than stellar performance you were experiencing.

Although the Chord Signature speaker cable may not sound as good as the Epic Twin, it's a bit of an overkill for the Nait 5SI. There are other cables that may sound more open, detailed or transparent than the Epic Twin but some of the bass punch or extension may be lost with the added openness, and they often come with a higher price tag. The Epic Twin is actually a rather good cable as (in my system) it offers slightly more refinement and detail than the NAC A5 without losing much of the boogie factor.

My advice is to enjoy the music with the Nait 5SI  and Epic Twin as is.


@ryder. Thank you for the comment! Actually I don't have the Epic Twin, I'm still with the Rumour 2 which was already burned in. So that's way I am wondering which cable to buy the Epic Twin which I liked or to have a risk with the Signature.   I had a very solid and weighty bass with the Epic so I probably should go with a longer length of an Epic than a 3m of Signature. 

Hi again, as I was thinking everything settled in here we go again..

When I wrote the bass came into place it seems to have been a momentary period. The bass was really solid and weighty but the vocals and highs a bit muffled. After that, increasingly the bass started to disappear and the mids and highs really opened up. Now the sound stucked on this pase for about a week  - open, detailed mids and highs but very thin bass and also the mids and highs sound really metallic and very harsh. At moment the sound is not listenable. My room acoustics are not perfect but I don't think this is the issue since the speakers have sounded verry mellow and pleasant with other configurations - even with the Naim on some moments. The harhsness and metallic feel increases as I raise the volume up. I'm experiencing this transisition with my current cables - Chord Anthem Reference and 2.5 meters of Chord Rumour 2. I'm going to buy a proper lenght of Chord cable and upgrade mine soon but I started worrying if everything is OK with my amp. 

In addition, I know it's normal for Naim to have a mechanical noise from their power transformers, however my amp has neved produced such a noise - even from 1-2 inches. Is every Naim supposed to have such a sound or I'm just lucky?


I've just googled up your speakers and read a very interesting review on them (as I have not heard of Zu Omen before) and they certainly sound like a very capable pair of speakers indeed.  

As already mentioned above - I would certainly hunt down some NAC A5 at the required lengths professionally terminated by your dealer. One should not have to keep faffing around with different cables to become satisfied with the sound, it detracts from the music.  Once the system has warmed up the sound should stay consistent with no big variation swings as you are describing above.

I have ran a NAIT 5si for three years now and to me it is a very well balanced amplifier with no over brightness or harshness to it's sound. I can only guess that either you're experiencing connection problems or the Chord cables are just too bright in conjunction with your speakers...?  Make sure all your connections are clean and fully inserted with no stress on the cables themselves and to check that all polarities are correct. If still no luck then i reckon your best bet from here on is pay a visit to your dealer and hear what they can suggest - even borrow some NAC A5?