Naim Nova v Uniti2

A friend is interested in buying my Uniti2 which would give me the opportunity to get the new Naim Nova (SU replacement I believe).  Anyone actually heard the new Nova, or any others in the revised Uniti range?  Trying to decide if I take the upgrade jump - any thoughts out there?


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I heard it at the signals opening of their new premises along with Atom and Star, but not back to back with other Naim kit. This was not ideal conditions to really listen, I heard PMC 25.26 in the bigger room and was unimpressed. Then heard in a more typical room with Focal Sopra No1, which I thought was pretty good. The Naim guy then put on an Elvis track from 60 years ago, and it sounded amazing. I intend to have a home demo when they arrive in the dealers.

I heard the Nova at the Bristol show driving Supras 2s (I'm pretty sure it was 2s, I remember thinking of the price mismatch.) . I'm one of the people who doesn't get on with Focal voicing, but I was impressed with how well the Nova did, it drove the big speakers well in the demo I saw, no lack of control or class, all my issues were my usual ones with Focals. I have a demo booked for the Atom and Nova.

To be honest I did not hear a huge difference between the Star and Nova, but logic says the Nova should be better without the cd ripping kit. Perhaps it was the demo on the day. The Atom was playing later in the large room again at Signals through some smaller PMC speakers and sounded O K considering the room was huge.

Coming from a Uniti 2 to a 272/XPS dr/250 dr I have realized how good the U2 really is. My current setup is a step up but it does not embarrass the U2. That being said IMO I would sell the U2 and get the Nova. If for no other reason than the U2 being obsolete and the Nova being the latest and greatest. 

It's always tempting to upgrade especially when something is new but question is if you can tell the difference.  Problem is there are not many other viable alternatives to Naim - not convinced with Cyrus and their products are so old fashioned / ugly!!


I'm having the same thoughts. Either to trade in my U2 for a Nova or go down the 272/250 route.  I guess I will have to wait until I can hear both options. 

When deciding on the U2 I did also look at Cyrus kit, the SQ was good if a bit analytical and bright, but I couldn't have kit that ugly so it was a no from me anyways. 

I've heard the Nova both at Bristol and at the factory and loved both the sound quality and the technology upgrades.  I've already done the deal to trade in my SU for a Nova. Hopefully will be getting one of the first ones delivered.

Just heard from a dealer in the US that he just heard this week that the Nova is shipping in July (he thought mid-July).  Going to put a deposit on it, I love my SU and looking forward to some of the upgrades the Nova will offer (like direct USB input for example).