Naim/Qnap/Asset album cover issue

I have recently installed Asset as a replacement for Twonky (due to too many album cover issues with Twonky). All seems to work well with 1 exception. When using Twonky I had a number of albums with multiple artists. In Twonky they showed up under Various Artists, but with Asset each song  show up under every individual artists. After checking this forum I found the solution to add the artist to the song title/description and make all the artists into "Various Artists"  They now all show up under Various Artists and no longer as individual songs under the artists.

However, in a number of occasions, the "Multiple Artists" album cover shows up in the "All Artists" view for the particular artist , but when clicking through to the artists, that album/song (quite rightly) is not there.  I did clean the album cover cache, but that did not resolve the problem. It is a minor issue, but I would prefer to see in the artists view an album that actually belongs to that artists

Any suggestions

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Putting “various artists” as the album artist, the actual artist as artist, “various artists” as album artist sort and the artist as artist sort in your metadata (I’m using dbPoweamp which does this easily)

Then use additional->album artist/album-> all artists as your view from Asset in the Naim app rather than using the more obvious artist->all artists view.

This allows you to find the album under various artists and the artwork is correct. 

Hungryhalibut posted:

If you clear the upnp cache and rescan Asset, it should get sorted out. I let the individual tracks stay under the artists, but set the album artist as various artists. 

I have done that, but the result is actually worse   A few of the album covers that were wrong, as per my initial message, but now I do have a pretty large number of artists that have "no information" after I click on the artist.  no albums, no covers, nothing.  I use the artists/all artists view.  When I look at other views the albums do actually exists.  I have restarted the Asset scan, but is there a way to see when it is actually finished with the scan?

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